Use of University Equipment

The University provides various kinds of equipment for use in the instructional process. Staff must not remove any equipment from its normal place of use without signing a release form with Client Services or the Vice-President, Finance and Administration.

In keeping with the policy of the Ministry of Education and Training that public funds, provided for educational purposes, should not be used for activities which constitute unfair competition to private enterprise, employees of the University are not permitted to use University facilities to provide services for individuals or firms.

Athletic Equipment

Athletic equipment may be requisitioned from the gym attendant on duty for instructional classes, general recreation use on-campus and authorized field trips upon presentation of your University identification card.

For personal use of equipment off-campus, a deposit will be required. Equipment for this purpose may be requisitioned for prescribed periods of time.

Use of University Facilities by Outside Groups

  1. University-sponsored groups, including groups sponsored by recognized student organizations, will be allowed to use the facilities without charge on a short-term basis. 
  2. Groups not so sponsored will be charged a fee to cover maintenance costs. 
  3. All outside groups requesting the use of facilities should contact the Manager of Conference Services. 
  4. Requests by groups for continuing use of the facilities will have to be approved by the Vice-President, Finance and Administration.