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Applicants who wish to transfer to Nipissing University from another recognized post-secondary institution may qualify for transfer credit when there is significant equivalency in course content.

Transfer credit may be granted as a block of credits or as specific courses. If a specific equivalence to a course is not available at Nipissing, an unspecified, nonequivalent course will be granted. Block credits are typically granted when a graduate of a program wishes to transfer credits to another program that is very closely related in content.

The following information will assist you in understanding transfer credits:

  • One course is equal to 3 credits.
  • One full semester of courses is equal to15 credits
  • A 3-year degree requires the completion of 90 credits.
  • A 4-year degree requires the completion of 120 credits.

To be considered for transfer credits, candidates must submit an application for admission. In addition to transcripts, course descriptions and/or syllabi may also be required.

To review more specific details about our pathways, choose one of the options below that best applies to you.

I have attended an accredited university.

Transfer credit for undergraduate-level courses is normally granted on a course-by-course basis. Transfer credit will be considered for a course provided that there is a credit value earned and that a grade of 60 percent or higher was achieved. A course with a grade of 50-59 percent may be considered only when there are an equal number of course equivalents with 70 percent grades or higher. The granting of transfer credits will vary depending on the degree program and major to which the applicant is admitted. Nipissing University residency requirements apply.

I have attended an approved and accredited college.

Special Transfer Pathways 

Nipissing University has established special transfer credit pathways for Ontario College graduates. These special transfer pathways may be found on our website here. If your specific diploma program is not indicated in this list, please refer to the general college transfer policies below.

General College Transfer Policies  

If you have completed at least one full year of study at an accredited college with at least a 70 percent overall average, you may be granted from 3 to 9 transfer credits.

If you have completed a two-year diploma at an accredited college with at least a 70 percent overall average, you may be granted up to 18 transfer credits.

If have completed a three-year diploma at an accredited college with at least a 70 percent overall average, you may be granted up to 30 transfer credits.

I have graduated from an undergraduate degree program.

If you have already completed a degree at an accredited institution, you may proceed to another undergraduate degree program in a different area of study as a "second degree" student at Nipissing University. Second degree students are exempt from having to repeat any equivalent required courses and may be exempt from having to complete some or all electives.