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The Logo 

Consistent use of the Nipissing University logo, which is made up of two elements - the symbol and the wordmark, will help to increase the visibility of Nipissing University, project a strong institutional image, and provide a more cohesive and coordinated identity. This logo is a bold, flexible image that lends itself to a variety of applications and is available in four options. The design of the logo ensures a positive and recognizable impact, even when reduced to a small size.

This manual contains instructions on the execution of the various aspects of Nipissing University’s visual communication. Proper display of this logo is an integral part of this program. The rules governing its use, colour, size and positioning must be followed exactly as outlined. Improper use of the logo will weaken the effectiveness of the consistent identity Nipissing University is projecting. Please note that the symbol should not appear without the wordmark, however, the wordmark may appear without the symbol.

There are no guidelines set out for incorporating this logo into a design using techniques such as varnish, die cuts, embossing etc. These attempts at reproduction should be left up to design professionals, once they are familiar with the standards set out in this manual.

Below are examples of improper logos that are not to be used:

Improper Nipissing Logos


Colour consistency is a vital part of an identification program. This logo will appear on a diverse range of materials – paper, wood, metal, plastic, glass, etc., and it will be difficult to control the colour variances from one product to another. Nipissing University, therefore, has set out these guidelines to aid in the proper execution of its identity.

Pantone 295

Process Mix:
Cyan 100%
Magenta 56%
Yellow 0%
Black 34%

Red 0
Green 75
Blue 133


Avery: Light Navy
3M: Light blue

Pantone 341

Process Mix:
Cyan 100%
Magenta 0%
Yellow 69%
Black 31%

Red 0
Green 127
Blue 96

# 007F60

Avery: Dark Green
3M: Dark Green

The colours indicated above are given in Pantone, Process colours, and are used when producing a paper product. When the application of colour is required n materials other than paper, match the colour to the Pantone colours.

When the logo appears on a white coated or uncoated background, and the opportunity is available for colour, apply Pantone 295 (blue) and Pantone 341 (green).

The RGB and Hexadecimal colours are provided for use on screen and for web respectively. 

If only one colour is to be used, consider a one-colour with tint option as seen in the following sections of this manual. Discretion must be used when the logo is to be applied on a background other than white. 

Please consult the Marketing & Communications department via for assistance with colour options.


The following supplied formats are the only acceptable signatures to be used in publications, advertisements and promotional items. The balance between logo and type has already been designed and should not be altered. Choose the logo that best suits your particular need and enlarge or reduce the complete logo to the desired size. Never enlarge or reduce only one element of the logo, but rather size the wordmark and symbol as a unit.

If printing is restricted to one colour in situations such as newspaper advertisement or inexpensive print runs, consider using the blue, black or reverse logo with tint options. In most instances when the logo appears on a white or light-coloured background, the logo should appear in blue or black with a 65% tint on the 'U' in the symbol. In instances where the logo is to appear on black or a dark-coloured background, always reverse or drop the logo out of the background colour so it appears white with a 20% black tint on the 'U' symbol.

Never print the logos in any other colour, screen or tint than what is outlined in this manual.

Two Colour Logo

two colour logo


One Colour, Blue Logo (the 'U' in the symbol is tinted to 65%)

blue logo


One Colour, Black and White Logo (the 'U' in the symbol is tinted to 65%)

b&w logo


Reverse Logo (the 'U' in the symbol is tinted to 20%)

reverse logo


Nipissing University Wordmark

The wordmark, developed to provide greater colour flexibility, may also be applied when the artwork is restricted to one colour without the ability to use a screen or tint.

For authorized use of the Nipissing University logo or wordmark, please direct your request to the Marketing & Communications department via or call (705) 474-3450, ext. 4494.

Two Colour Wordmark

two colour wordmark


Black and White Wordmark

b&w wordmark


Nipissing University Alumni Wordmark

For authorized use of the Alumni logo, please direct your request to the Alumni Relations and Development Office at (705) 474-3450, ext. 4573 or via email at

Two Colour Alumni Wordmark

Two Colour Alumni Wordmark


Black and White Alumni Wordmark

b&w alumni wordmark


Nipissing University Lakers Wordmark

For authorized use of the Lakers logo, please direct your request to the Athletics Director via or (705) 474-3450 ext. 4249.

Lakers Logos

Nipissing Lakers logo



Lakers Athletics Logo




The artwork for the letterhead is shown below on an 8.5" x 11" sheet. There are two different letterheads. Only correspondence originating from the President’s Office will be printed on the President’s Letterhead. All other letterheads are to follow the generic format.

Nipissing Letterhead

 The typeface for the address is in 7pt Arial Regular, with 15pt leading. Be careful to follow the guidelines when printing. Simply follow the layout or use the artwork supplied on disc.

Business Cards and Labels

Nipissing Business Cards

This artwork is for the reproduction of business cards, labels and envelopes. Simply follow the layout or use the artwork supplied on disc.

The information needed for the business cards is the name, degree(s), and title, extension, fax numbers, and email address.

All text for name, degree(s) and title is to be set in 9pt. Arial Bold. Contact information is in 7pt Arial Bold.

Business Card Stock
Byronic Cover
Weight 320m
Arctic White

Label Stock
Gloss Stock
Permanent Adhesive
on rolls of 500


Two Colour Wordmark and Signature (for white envelopes)

envelope colour

Black Wordmark and Signature (for brown or coloured envelopes) 

envelope b&w

Fax Cover Template

A fax cover sheet is provided on disc. Two information sheets are also supplied for your use. These may be reproduced using either the two colours, or all black.

Fax Cover











Fax Cover colour

Coat of Arms

For authorized use of the coat of arms, please direct your request to the Marketing & Communications department via or call (705) 474-3450, ext. 4494.

Coat of Arms