Final Submission Requirements

Final submission technical requirements:

Once you have received the required final signatures on the MRP or Thesis Signature Page indicating that all stated revisions have been made, the SGS will forward a copy to you for inclusion in your final submission.

You must submit two digital copies and three bound copies of the revised MRP/Thesis to the School of Graduate Studies. One digital copy and two bound copies will be forwarded to the library, and one digital and one bound copy will held at the School of Graduate Studies.

Thesis students are required to submit a PDF of their Thesis to ProQuest.

Digital Copy Requirements:

The CD or DVD copy should be placed in an envelope or jewel case and clearly labelled on the top right-hand corner with the students name (surname first), student number, title of MRP/Thesis, degree, school and university. Label only the envelope or jewel case and not the disk itself.

The digitally reproduced copy should be submitted on CD or DVD ROM. A floppy disk or hard drive will not be accepted.

The document should appear in both Adobe PDF format and the format that the document was created in, for example Microsoft Word.

No compression or password protection should be used. No changes will be made to the document. Therefore, the burden of how the document looks when it is accessed or printed is entirely your responsibility. It is recommended that you assume responsibility for reformatting the document into Adobe PDF, checking the reformatted document for accuracy and for submitting the PDF document to the School of Graduate Studies.

If multimedia elements are used in the document, file formats should be identified in the MRP abstract. Acceptable file formats include the following:

Images: PDF (.pdf) use Type 1 PostScript fonts, TIFF (.tif) with a resolution of 300dpi for colour images, 600dpi for black and white images.

Video: Apple Quick Time (.mov), Microsoft Audio Video Interleaved (.avi), MPEG (.mpg)

Audio: AIF (.aif), CD-DA, CD-ROM/XA, MIDI (.midi), MPEG-2, SND (.snd), WAV (.wav)

Include the source files of multimedia elements included in your MRP.

Supporting documents should remain on paper and be forwarded in an 8.5 x 11 envelope. Those documents should include:

  • Title page
  • Author’s Declaration page (signed in the appropriate locations)
  • MRP Signature page
  • Abstract
  • Third party software licenses, if required
  • A description of software or other applications used to create the CD/DVD-ROM disk, including a list of files and file sizes on the CD/DVD-ROM disk
  • Letter of permission to reproduce copyrighted images, video, graphics, animation, data and images of individuals.
  • Signed Non-Exclusive License form

Bound Requirements:

The bound submission must include the following preliminary pages:

  • Title page 
  • MRP Signature page
  • Author’s Declaration page
  • Abstract
    • Acknowledgements (where applicable)
    • Table of Contents
    • List of Tables (where applicable)
    • List of Plates (where applicable)
    • List of Figures (where applicable)
    • List of Appendices (where applicable)
  • Introduction​

The cost of MRP binding is the responsibility of the student.

The MRP must consist of a sewn volume with 24F Buckram cover.  Gold stamping must be used for the cover and spine.  The cover must be in the specific colour:

  • OBV-423 (light blue) for MRPs
  • OBV-488 (dark blue) for Theses

Font:  Tempo Medium Italic (or similar font), 24pt, in gold stamping. 

The bookbinders below are aware of the School’s colour and font specifications.

The front cover should read

  • The title
  • Author’s name
  • Program
  • Nipissing University
  • Year of completion of MRP/Thesis

ProQuest Technical Requirements - Digitally Reproduced Copy

The digitally reproduced copy must be submitted online directly to Proquest via ETD Administrator. ETD Administrator provides a simple web-based system that the student can use to submit their thesis online.

The submission must be in a single PDF file. Before converting your document to a PDF ensure all personal and private information such as signatures, and personal contact information (i.e. phone number, e-mail address, and mailing addresses) have been blacked out. Personal information does not include anything that might appear on a business card, or can be found through publicly available information such as the telephone book (i.e. job title or business contact information). More information regarding personal information is available on the website for the Office for the Privacy Commissioner of Canada No compression or password protection should be used. No changes will be made to the document. Therefore, the burden of how the document looks when it is accessed or printed is entirely the responsibility of the student. It is recommended that the student assume responsibility for reformatting the document into PDF, checking the reformatted document for accuracy. All fonts used should be embedded in the document.

If your thesis is already in a single Word document, ETD Administrator does provide a PDF Conversion Tool. ETD Administrator will e-mail your converted document to the e-mail address you provide but it does take a few minutes. If you prefer not to use the PDF Conversion Tool or if your thesis is in multiple Word files, you can use a software program such as Adobe Acrobat to combine the files into a single PDF file.

To submit your thesis to Proquest, access ETD Administrator at You will be required to create an account if you have not used this system in the past. Be assured that this is a free service to both the student and Nipissing University. Once logged in, follow the submission steps while noting the following:


Students will be notified by e-mail, to the e-mail address they provide when creating an account, that their submission has been successfully uploaded to the site. They will again be notified when their submission is being reviewed by Graduate Studies and when their submission has been accepted and forwarded to Proquest. Up until the time when a submission is reviewed by Graduate Studies, students will have the option of accessing their submission and making revisions. Once a submission is being reviewed, students will no longer have this option.

At this point, please contact the School of Graduate Studies or 705-474-3450 ext. 4198 to make a revision. Once a submission has been reviewed and submitted to Proquest, it can no longer be revised.



In order for students to receive their degree or have their official transcripts indicate they have completed their degree, they must apply for graduation through WebAdvisor.  The application for graduation must be approved by both the Graduate Council and Senate before any changes are processed on the student’s transcripts.  Please note that applications for graduation will not be approved until all digital submission requirements are met.


Author’s Declaration page

MRP Signature page

Non-Exclusive License form

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