Nipissing University Graduate Scholarship (NUGS)

Nipissing University Graduate Scholarships (NUGS) support graduate students who are enrolled in a full time graduate program.  The School of Graduate Studies funds a limited number of NUGS each year.  NUGS support students in research that contributes to the student's program of study and usually results in a thesis or major research paper.  

Any research that is conducted under a NUGS must not be diversionary from the student's main MRP or Thesis (such diversionary work shall be categorized as a GRA and will be subject to The Principle of Timely Completion, formerly known as the "10 Hour Rule"​).  

The value of a NUGS varies and may be used to enhance the level of funding for students who have external awards or as a student's only source of funding.  NUGS are not payment for employment.  NUGS are paid periodically throughout the year and there is no hourly rate or any set value.  These payments are not considered employment income by the university and no tax deductions are made at source.  A T4A will be issued for tax purposes. 

Value: $5,000 or $10,000

Eligibility: Must be registered in a full-time graduate program with an 80% average.

How to Apply: No application is required.