NU Café - Book Club

NU Cafe Book Club

What’s better than a book and coffee? Reading it with your friends in the NU Café, that’s what! Starting the week of January 25th, grab your hardcopy or digital copy of Ridgerunner by Gil Adamson and start reading. March 18th we will meet virtually with a special guest to chat about the book. We will select a new book every eight weeks. We have chosen a wide range of books to vote on for every type of reader. We look forward to connecting with you in January to read this award-winning novel.  

How do I join? 

Sign up for the Book Club here and start reading our very first book for 2021. This month we selected the book for you but starting in February, you get to help choose all the books for the year through the poll we have created here. Take a few moments to cast your vote for our next selection. 

Does it cost anything?  

The book club is free; all you will need to do is provide your own copy of the chosen selection. Check your local public library for a copy or if you are living in North Bay, the Harris Learning Library may have a copy so be sure to check their website here

How often will you meet?  

A new book will be chosen every eight weeks at our Book Club chat and an email will go out to let you know what was chosen. You have two months to read the selection. Book Club chats will happen through the NU Café, so check the Office Hours tab for meeting times and dates.  

What book should I be reading now?  

Part literary Western and part historical mystery, Ridgerunner is the follow-up to Gil Adamson’s award-winning and critically acclaimed novel The Outlander

What is the book about?

November 1917. William Moreland is in mid-flight. After nearly twenty years, the notorious thief, known as the Ridgerunner, has returned. Moving through the Rocky Mountains and across the border to Montana, the solitary drifter, impoverished in means and aged beyond his years, is also a widower and a father. He is determined to steal enough money to secure his son’s future. 

Twelve-year-old Jack Boulton has been left in the care of Sister Beatrice, a formidable nun who keeps him in cloistered seclusion in her grand old house. Though he knows his father is coming for him, the boy longs to return to his family’s cabin, deep in the woods. When Jack finally breaks free, he takes with him something the nun is determined to get back — at any cost. 

Set against the backdrop of a distant war raging in Europe and a rapidly changing landscape in the West, Gil Adamson’s follow-up to her award-winning debut, The Outlander, is a vivid historical novel that draws from the epic tradition and a literary Western brimming with a cast of unforgettable characters touched with humour, loss, and steeped in the wild of the natural world.

Join the NU Café and start reading today!