Want to rent a space to a student? Here’s how!

Post-secondary students in cities across the country, including North Bay, are struggling to secure off-campus housing as a result of an ongoing housing shortage. In light of this, Nipissing University has been actively working with the Near North Landlords’ Association, the Nipissing University Student Union (NUSU) and Canadore College, to encourage members of the community to consider the benefits of renting a space in their home to a student.  

While there has been some uptake from the community, there is still a pressing need for additional off-campus housing.  

If you would like to rent a room or space in your home to a student, you can create a listing at: https://www.places4students.com/Landlord/Register. The university is working with Places4Students.com to waive listing fees for landlords. 

Renting a room in your home offers many benefits including an additional source of income (often backed by parental support) and the opportunity to play a role in supporting students living away from home by connecting them to the local community.   

For answers to frequently asked questions about the shortage of off-campus housing, visit: Off-Campus Housing Shortage - Frequently Asked Questions | Nipissing University