Procedural changes at Harris Learning Library

Two new procedural changes were implemented at the Harris Learning Library this summer affecting licensed electronic resources and borrowing times.  Find out how these changes impact you.

Accessing licensed electronic resources in the Harris Learning Library:  in order to strengthen the security for licensed information resources, and to collect data that will assist the Library with evaluation of future resource acquisition and renewal, please note:

  • To access electronic information resources when in the Harris Learning Library, you will be prompted to enter your login credentials, just as you are currently required to do when accessing resources from off campus;
  • All data tracking will measure resource use only; the data collected does not track personal information and does not track or link personal use of a resource.  

For further information about these changes, please contact either Nancy E. Black ( or Ed Driedger (

Borrowing changes: The Harris Learning Library has made changes to increase the borrowing time periods. The Library has also made changes with overdue charges by eliminating some charges on library materials.  Please note: certain conditions apply.

For further information about the changes in borrowing periods and overdue charges, please see  ;  or contact the Circulation Desk 705.474.3461, ext. 4222, or contact Ed Driedger (

Important Information for Students