School of Business students get career boost through co-op program

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students are getting a chance at meaningful, hands-on experience through the School of Business’ BBA Co-Op program. 

Launched in 2020 and soon to graduate its first student, the program offers an integrated approach to university education, enabling students to alternate academic terms on campus with paid work terms while earning credits towards their degree. Work placements offer students full-time employment for four to eight months where they become productive members of their employer’s team of professionals. Upon graduation, students have up to one year of relevant work experience related to their chosen career to add to their resumés.   

Jadah McLaren, a current BBA Co-op student, will be completing her third and final co-op term this fall and will be the first student to complete this program. McLaren has completed two placements within the Finance Department at the Township of Strong. Her work ranges from daily administrative tasks to more complex projects, including working with the Municipality’s website, learning about cemetery operations in a municipality, and assisting with the hiring process.  

“I have had many opportunities available to me during my placements which have allowed for a very well-rounded learning experience” stated McLaren. “I have been able to take what I learned in class and apply it to my placement work. I have also been able to use what I learn during my placements to better understand what I learn in class.”  

Co-ops help students determine their strengths and interests while exploring different work environments and test-driving potential careers.  

When asked what advice she’d give future students entering the co-op program, McLaren advised:  

“Make the most of your experience in the co-op program by using it as an opportunity to learn as much as you can, make as many connections as possible, and explore different fields. This is a chance to experience immense growth in your knowledge and skills, which will create a foundation for your future career.” 

Employers from across Canada hire co-op students to work on special projects or assist during peak periods while often evaluating for future hire. 

The program is open to full time BBA students. Post-Baccalaureate students are also eligible to complete one co-op work term while working towards their diploma or certificate.  

For more information regarding the BBA co-op program, reach out the School of Business at or visit