NU grad’s art showcased in library atrium

Caitlyn Marion installation
Caitlyn Marion installation


The Harris Learning Library atrium is currently featuring a mixed media installation by Nipissing Bachelor of Fine Arts alumna, Caitlyn Marion (BFA’18).  The installation was completed as part of Marion’s final assignments for her degree and was originally displayed in the WKP Kennedy Gallery in downtown North Bay.

The work, titled The Gathering, is “a collection of figurative sculptures that embody a physical representation of how the individual develops and grows from those who surround them.  The positioning of these sculptures adds to the sense of the ‘group’ through their positioning in a circular formation around the central figure.  This positioning reflects the relevance of social circles, and how these circles include people we hold dear, as well as those who we may have just met.  As a collective, this work presents the relationships between individuals by connecting the figures together with a crocheted chain.  Following this, the central figure collects this information from the outer figures and integrates it into its own sense of self.  Individually, the surface quality of each figure remains at an unfinished state, to emphasize that our development is never-ending.  This is presented through the exposed cardboard, Paper Mache, and final the sections of crocheted yarn.  To this end, the stages of development in each figure is presented using these three surfaces.” 

Hailing from Port Perry, Ontario, Marion chose Nipissing because of the atmosphere:  “It catered to everything that I wanted - the outdoors and small classes.  I haven’t found anything I haven’t liked.” 

Marion says her time at Nipissing inspired her art: “The classrooms and profs are so welcoming and they are always excited about trying new things and new mediums.” 

In the fall, Marion plans to return to Nipissing to complete her Bachelor of Education and later hopes to teach art and pursue a master’s degree.

The installation can be viewed during regular library hours.