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Programs, Degrees and Certificates at Nipissing University


Undergraduate students learn the fundamentals from a range of offered programs and hone transferable skills to help realize life goals with support from accessible professors, the best student services in Canada, and a myriad of hands-on learning opportunities.

Graduate and Post-Graduate

Teacher Education

The Schulich School of Education offers some of the top education programs in Ontario and is a recognized leader in the field. Renowned for developing exceedingly well prepared and professionally-minded teachers.



Nipissing University, situated on the traditional territory of Nipissing First Nation and within the Robinson-Huron Treaty of 1850, offers an inclusive and collegial environment for learning. Indigenous students, their families, Elders, youth and children are a welcome in this community, and the office of Indigenous initiatives offers an enhanced educational experience through a holistic approach to academic, personal and cultural support.

College Transfer

Students come to us with unique backgrounds and circumstances. Our priority is to offer as much help as possible by applying already earned postsecondary credits from a college or university to an undergraduate or professional degree program. We offer flexible full- and part-time studies, on-site, online, and blended delivery programs from multiple locations that fit conveniently into personalized schedules.

Post-Baccalaureate Diplomas and Certificates

The School of Business offers a series of certificates and diplomas to meet the needs of students wishing to learn about business in shorter periods of time compared to a typical degree program.  The options below range from 30 to 60 credits and represent broad or specialized learning opportunities.

Post-Baccalaureate Certificates

Post-Baccalaureate Diplomas

What is the Difference Between a Major, Minor & Specialization?

Use the charts below to learn about the differences between a major, minor, specialization and other terms that universities often use. In general, these terms are used to define how in-depth you've studied a particular topic (i.e. how many courses you've completed in a certain area of study).

Once enrolled at Nipissing, our academic advising team can help you decide on the best option(s) for you.

Types of Undergraduate Bachelor Degrees

Degree Usual time to completion # of Credits
Bachelor (Honours) 4 years 120 Credits
Bachelor (Four-year) 4 years 120 Credits
Bachelor (Three Year General) 3 years 90 credits
Bachelor (Three Year Liberal) 3 years 90 credits

Options within your Degree

  # of Credits
(designated by a department/discipline)
Degree Option
Honours Specialization 60 credits Only available in the Bachelor (Honours) degree.
Specialization 54 credits Only available in the Bachelor (Four-year) degree.
Major 36 credits Available in a Bachelor degree (Four-year) or a Bachelor degree (General).

Majors are also available as part of a Double-Major option within a Bachelor (Honours) degree.

Minor 18 credits Available with an Honours Specialization, Specialization, a Major, or another Minor.

A degree with a single Minor is not available.

*Not all programs offer all options - please check the Academic Calendar for details on the specific program or degree you are interested in.