Nipissing Alumni Advisory Board


Our Alumni Advisory Board is an integral part of the Nipissing University community.  Alumni represent the continuity of traditions; their collective experience has shaped the University as it is today and their achievements are one of the criteria by which Nipissing University is valued.

Nipissing University's Alumni Advisory Board has many ways for alumni to be active members of the Nipissing University Community and never leave home. All graduates of Nipissing University are members of Nipissing University's Alumni Association and there are no membership fees.

Nipissing's Alumni Advisory Board provides support for alumni programs, communications, events, branch and chapter outreach, scholarships and other initiatives. When alumni participate in the special programs offered by our service providers, the Alumni Board benefits and we are able to increase what we offer you - our alumni.

Please welcome our Alumni Advisory Board for 2018-2019:

Jade Nighbor - BA, BEd '10 - President 

Mitchell Crown - BBA '11 - Vice President Finance 

Marty Brown - BA '94, MEd '03

Darcy McMeekin BA, BEd '02

Brittany Fisher - BA, BEd '15

Robert Kerr - BA, BEd '83

Holly-Ann Garnett - BA (Hons) '10 

Lisa Snider - BBA ' 12

Alyssa Doyle - BA, BEd '13

Markus Hawco - BBA '17

Ryan Hehn - BA '12 - Representative on the University Board of Governors 

Nicolai MacKenzie - Student Representative from NUSU

Eric Marrast - Student Representative from NUSA​

Bridgette Perron - Ex Officio - Recording Secretary/Alumni Relations

Andrea Parolin - Ex Officio - Manager of Advancement (Interim)