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EDUC 4284 - Consecutive Primary/Junior Science Class Notes

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Week # Class Outcomes (2 classes) Date
Week #1
  • Introductions
  • Passing out of Course Outline
  • What is Science and Technology
  • Discrepant Events
  • Assignment #1 What is Your Act of Green ?
  • Assignment #2 Teaching/Learning Strategies
  • Inquiry Activity - Building the Tallest Tower

Suggested Readings:

Understanding the True Meaning of Nature of Science

Toward Universal Scientific Literacy

Motivate the Unmotivated with ScientificDiscrepant Events

Week of Sept. 10
Week #2
  • Assignment #3 SMART Notebook
  • Examination (brief) of the Science and Technology Curriculum Document
  • One approach to teaching Science and Technology – Direct Instruction Science Experiment Overview
  • Inquiry Activity – Candle and Cylinder Mystery

Suggested Readings:

The Ontario Curriculum Grades 1-8: Science and Technology

The Full-Day Early Learning – Kindergarten Program (2010 – 2011) http://tiny.cc/1f7qjw

Steps of the Scientific Method (2 pages)

Direct Instruction

Direct Instruction: Is It the Most Effective Science Teaching Strategy?

The Process Skills of Inquiry

Week of Sept. 17

Week #3

  • Constructivist Learning Theory
  • The Greening of Classrooms – Environmental Education
  • Inquiry Activity – The Quicker Picker Upper
  • Inquiry Activity – Outdoor Investigations

Suggested Readings:
Constructivism and Student Misconceptions: Why Every Teacher Needs to Know About Them
(When you click on this link you will be directed to the Nipissing University library. Once you enter the online library you can open the “PDF Full Text” document located on the left side of the page). If this link doesn’t work, please enter the URL directly into your browser)

The Greening of Ontario’s Curriculum

Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow (Ontario Ministry of Education)

Week of Sept. 24
Week #4
  • Welcome Back!
  • Inhibiting Factors in Science
  • Introduction to Egg Drop
  • Mystery Powder Investigation

Suggested Readings:
5 Good Reasons for Using Science Notebooks (5 pages)

Safety in the Elementary (K – 6) Science Classroom

Week of Oct. 22
Week 5
  • Egg Drop (1st class of the Week)
  • Introduction to Catapult Chaos (2nd class of the Week)

Suggested Readings:
Connecting with other Disciplines (2 pages)

Catapult Chaos” Activity Sheet

Week of Oct. 29
Week #6
  • “Catapult Chaos”
  • The Process and Communication Skills of Science
  • Habits of Mind (Attitudinal)
  • Teachers’ Beliefs

Suggested Reading:
The Process Skills of Inquiry
This reading was assigned in Week Two – if you didn’t read it then, you should read it now.

Week of Nov. 5
Week #7
  • Sustainability
  • Project Wild (In the Surtees Gym – first class of the Week)
Week of Dec. 3
Week #8
  • Creative Thinking in the Classroom
  • Technology in Science Programs
  • Learning Centres

Suggested Readings:
Learning Centers (3 pages)

Classroom Organization (10 pages)
Inquiry-based Learning, the Nature of Science, and Computer Technology: New Possibilities in Science Education (2005) (8 pages)

Assessment for Learning (4 pages)

Week of Dec.10

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