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Student Success Workshops

Staff, student leaders, and faculty advisors collaborate to create a series of workshops on various topics relevant to student success. The focus is on relaying best practices to support students in their successful transition to Nipissing University. Our programming falls under 3 pillars:

  • Academic Success and Learning
  • Civic Learning and Community Engagement
  • Orientation and Transition

All of our workshops are approved for recognition on your Record of Student Development.

For convenient access​ to information, including locations, dates and times, check out the Student Learning and Transitions Google Calendar​.

​​Upcoming Workshops:

Academic Success and Learning

How to Survive the Scantron

Tuesday, October 4th | 1-2pm | H160

In this workshop, we'll introduce you to a few strategies that can help you prepare for multiple choice exams. No registration required. All are welcome!

How to Make the Most of your Reading Week

Tuesday, October 4th | 2-3pm | H160

In this workshop, we'll walk through a strategy for identifying and prioritizing tasks for your reading week. We'll help you develop a plan to manage your time throughout the reading week to optimize your time for rest, recreation, AND academics. No registration required. All are welcome!

The Earth is round. p < .05​: Strategies to Survive Statistics

Wednesday, October 5th | 11:00am - 12:00pm | B208

Tips on how to survive a statistics course will be provided, as well as, an outline of what statistics is and can be used for in the real world.  No registration is required. All are welcome!

Google Doodle Research Plan

Tuesday, October 25th | 2:00pm - 3:00pm | Room TBD

Walk though a strategy for planning your research using the Google Doodle of the day!  No registration is required.  All are welcome!

How to Start a Paper

Tuesday, November 1st | 11:00am - 12:00pm | Location TBD

Learn about some strategies and resources that can help you get started on your next paper. No registration required. All are welcome!

How to Survive a Boring Class

Tuesday, November 8th | 2pm | Location TBD

It's a lot easier to stay focused and be successful in classes when you're engaged and interested in the content. But what about when you're not? In this workshop, we'll learn some strategies to help you stay focused when you're just not feeling it. No registration required. All are welcome!

How to Read Journal Articles

Tuesday, November 10th | 11am | Location TBD

Learn a strategy to help you efficiently and effectively read journal articles so that you can find and understand the key information. No registration required. All are welcome!

How to Bounce Back from Failure

Thursday, November 17th | 2pm | Location TBD

Everyone experiences failure, rejection, and setbacks on the road to success. The most successful people are able to learn from those setbacks and keep trying. In this workshop, we'll learn about a strategy for reflecting on your failures, finding the lessons within, and applying those lessons when you're ready to try again.

Civic Learning and Community Engagement

Community Living North Bay

Thursday, September 29th | 2:00pm | A148

Learn about Volunteer Opportunities and how you can inspire possibilities and help people live their dreams. No registration required. All are welcome!

Bringing in the Bystander

Multiple Dates and Times | See Below

The BITB workshop focuses on learning how to be an active bystander and prevent interpersonal violence. Participants will engage in discussion of sexual violence, explore real life case examples and discuss how to identify sexual violence when it is happening. Additionally, participants will look at strategies to act and prevent violence from taking place. This workshop helps to put into perspective the significance of sexual violence in our communities and how increasing our awareness, and ability to work as an ally, can make a difference.

Registration is required, but the workshop is free for all students to attend.

Please fill out the registration form here to view the dates and times for this workshop. You will be contacted with more information when you register.

Orientation and Transition

No workshops currently available.

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