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PD for Teachers

The Schulich School of Education at Nipissing University provides in-service education courses for teachers including: Additional Qualification (AQ) courses, Additional Basic Qualification (ABQ) courses, Honour Specialist courses, and Principal's Qualification (PQP) courses.




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Spring/Summer 2015 Online Course Schedule ​

Summer 2015 Onsite/Blended Courses coming soon!!!








YES, there is still funding available!

SOURCE:  http://www.otffeo.on.ca/en/learning/4594-2/

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Funding for Math Additional Qualifications, Additional Basic Qualifications and undergraduate prerequisite courses  

The Ministry of Education, through the Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF), is providing a subsidy of up to $450 to teachers who successfully complete an AQ or ABQ course in Mathematics or an undergraduate Math course that is a prerequisite for an AQ/ABQ Math course.

The subsidized courses are

  • Mathematics, Primary and Junior – Part 1,

  • Mathematics, Primary and Junior – Part 2,

  • Mathematics, Primary and Junior – Specialist,

  • Mathematics, Grades 7 and 8,

  • Mathematics, Intermediate/Senior (ABQ),

  • Mathematics, Honours Specialist,

  • Any undergraduate Math course that is prerequisite to the AQ/ABQ courses listed above.

In order to receive a subsidy, OTF will require the following four pieces of information from either the AQ provider or the individual teacher:

  • Proof that the AQ/ABQ has been successfully completed;

  • Proof of membership in an OTF Affiliate (Federation Membership #);

  • A declaration that no other subsidy has been accessed for the course or if it has, the amount of said subsidy;

  • A current mailing address for receiving the subsidy cheque.

Ready to apply? Please note: When you have completed the application form, you will be asked to ‘save’ or ‘don’t save – be sure to click on ‘save’ for your application form to be complete. Click on application form.



We are pleased to announce that we have partnered up with the Ontario Modern Language Teachers Association(OMLTA) to offer the International ​Languages (Spanish) AQ courses.  After several successful offerings of the Part I course, we will be offering the Part II course in January (pending successful accreditation by OCT).

EDUC 2185 - International Languages (Spanish), Part II 

Credits: 6  

Prerequisite:  Applicants must have completed International Languages (Spanish), Part I or the equivalent thereof and submit evidence of at least one year of successful teaching experience. 

Hours: 125 (as mandated by OCT) 

International Languages (Spanish), Part II furthers awareness and understanding of classroom theory and practice in International Languages. Candidates examine various strategies for diversifying program planning, assessment, and evaluation in the International Languages classroom.  Focus is placed on effective learning strategies to promote authentic language use, to celebrate diversity, and to further initiatives that support the diverse learners present in 21st Century Ontario classrooms.














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