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Refund/Credit Dates & Deadlines

Students who drop courses within the posted drop schedule time frames will receive a credit on their student account equal to the percentage of tuition indicated below.  Refunds/Credits a​re applied on TUITION AMOUNTS ONLY. Ancillary fees and deposits are non-refundable. 

***For courses of less than 3 credits there will be no refund once the course begins***


2016/2017 F​all & Winter Drop Schedule

Arts/Science/Nursing/BPHE/BBA/Distance Learning/BComm/College Partnership

Tuition Credit Schedule

2016/17 100% CREDIT 75% CREDIT 50% CREDIT 25% CREDIT 0% CREDIT
Fall Courses
3 Credit
Sept 19 Oct 4 Oct 19 Nov 5 After Nov 5
Winter Courses
3 Credit
Jan 23 Feb 6 Feb 20 Mar 10 After Mar 10
Fall/Winter Courses
3 Credit and 6 Credit
Sept 19 Oct 19 Nov 5 Feb 10 After Feb 10

​Refund Policy:

Nipissing University issues refund cheques on students' accounts by request only and according to the following schedule.  Credit balances of less than $20.00 will be held on the student account for future use. 

Refund Cheque Schedule

​Request Received By

Cheque Pick-up/Mailing Date​

​September 20, 2016 October 3, 2016
​November 6, 2016
November 21, 2016
January 24, 2017​ February 6, 2017
March 12, 2017​ March 27, 2017
Students may request a refund by submitting a Refund Request Form to the Finance Office in person (F216), by email to, or by fax to (705)474-5295.  All students picking up a cheque in the Finance Office must present photo ID.  All credits remaining on any student account as of March 12, 2017 will automatically be processed and then mailed to the address on file if a request form has not been received.  It is the responsibility of the student to ensure their address information is current in WebAdvisor.  

*For students receiving OSAP funding: As per your signed OSAP declaration, any refund of fees must be directed back to the National Student Loan Service Centre, regardless of the source of the payment(s)​.

Please note, any student who completely withdraws from Nipissing University must notify the Finance Office after their courses have been dropped.  At that time their account will be reconciled and any refunds (if applicable) will be mailed to the address on file. 


​2017 Spring/Summer Undergraduate Drop Schedule

Arts/Science/Nursing/BPHE/BBA/Distance Learning/BComm/College Partnership

Tuition Credit Schedule

​Course ​From To​ ​Tuition Credit %
Spring Session​
First Term 3 Weeks​ ​May 1 ​May 4 ​100%
May 5​ ​May 11 ​50%
​After May 11 ​0%
Second Term 3 Weeks​ ​May 22 ​May 25 ​100%
​May 26 ​June 1 ​50%
​After June 1 ​0%
Full Term 6 Weeks​ ​May 1 ​May 4 ​100%
​May 5 ​May 11 ​75%
​May 12 ​May 18 ​50%
​After May 18 ​0%
Summer Session
First Term 3 Weeks ​ ​June 19 ​June 22 ​100%
​June 23 ​June 29 ​50%
​After June 29 ​0%
​Second Term 3 Weeks​ ​July 10 ​July 13 ​100%
​July 14 ​July 20 ​50%
After ​July 20
​Full Term 6 Weeks ​June 19 ​June 22 ​100%
​June 23 ​June 29 ​75%
​June 30 ​July 6 ​50%
​After July 6 ​0%
​Spring/Summer Session
12 Week Term​ ​May 1 ​May 14 ​100%
​May 15 ​May 26 ​75%
​May 27 ​June 9 ​50%
​June 10 ​June 23 ​25%
​After June 23 ​​0%

2017 Summer Institute (SI) Course Drop Schedule

 For a 100% credit, you must drop the course within the first two (2) days of the course.  Should you drop the course on the third (3rd) day, you will receive a 50% ​tuition credit.  Courses dropped after the third (3rd) day will not receive a refund/credit.

​2​016/17 Partial Credit Course  (Nursi​ng and PHED) Drop Schedule​ (Less than 3 Credits)
Registration for Partial Credit Courses will be permitted until the day the Partial Credit Course begins.  You may also drop a partial credit course before or on the day it starts.  Partial Credit Courses may be dropped without academic consequence by midnight on the day of the first meeting.  Partial Credit Courses dropped the day after the first meeting will be recorded as a WDR.

Dropping a partial credit course before the day it starts will incur no tuition or ancillary charges.  Dropping a partial credit course on the day it starts will incur a 50% tuition charge and 100% ancillary charge.  Dropping the partial credit course after the first class meeting date will incur​ a 100% tuition and ancillary fee charge.

Bachelor of Education Tuition Drop Schedule
2016/17 100% CREDIT 75% CREDIT 50% CREDIT 25% CREDIT 0% CREDIT
Date of WDR Sept 19 Nov 4 Jan 23 Feb 20 Feb 20

​For all Graduate Studies students, please refer to the refund schedule posted here​.





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