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Undergraduate Research Conference

Nipissing University's 8th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference

March 6-7, 2015

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The NU Undergraduate Research Conference celebrates undergraduate research. The conference provides an opportunity for undergraduates from across Ontario to present research.

This scholarly event is an excellent opportunity for students across disciplines to share and discuss their original research contributions while gaining experience in a formal academic conference.​

Students can present research as a poster, a paper, or in a discussion. Students can use course work, directed study projects, internships or practicum projects, or volunteer research.

Want to know how to get started? Talk to a faculty member or advisor.

Undergraduates from across Ontario have been invited to attend.

Please use our submission form.

During the conference make sure to visit Nipissing's second 3 Minute Thesis competition. The 3MT will be held on March 6th and is a university wide competition for Masters and Doctoral students. For more information 2014, Click Here

A Student's Conference Experience

The annual Nipissing University Undergraduate Research Conference is a great opportunity for senior undergraduate students to both present their research and learn from a talented group of undergraduate scholars. Since graduating from Nipissing University in 2010 I have moved on to an MA and PhD program in History, where research conferences have become a yearly undertaking. These conferences are important avenues for students looking to showcase their research and also a chance to meet colleagues in the field conducting their own equally fascinating research. Nipissing’s Undergraduate Research Conference offers a perfect introductory platform to the world of academic conferences. Students should be encouraged to take advantage of this great opportunity.

From an outsiders’ perspective, conferences can seem like an intimidating environment. A twenty-minute presentation in front of an audience that could consist of experts, scholars, students, and the general public? On first hearing of such a prospect I was filled with anxiety. Should my presentation be suited for those unfamiliar with the topic? What if someone in the audience knows more about the subject than I do? What if someone asks me a question I am unequipped or not prepared to answer? These were the questions that were running through my mind as I approached the podium in 2010 to present my research. But the Third Annual Nipissing Undergraduate Research Conference proved to be an important perspective changing moment in my studies. My worries were completely unfounded and as I continue to present my research each year in a conference environment, my appreciation for the practice and preparedness given to me by Nipissing’s Undergraduate Research Conference has grown. After presenting my first paper in 2010 I was surprised by the level of genuine interest among those who attended. Rather than an audience of experts looking to poke holes in my findings, attendees had acknowledged that the student presenters were experts themselves, and were eager to learn about our research and its significance. And this is what the conference is all about. It is an environment where people can come and learn about the interesting work that undergraduate students are conducting, and the knowledge and skills that Nipissing University has helped to foster and develop. They are not only a platform to showcase what one has learned in their senior undergraduate courses but also a place to spread knowledge to others. In those twenty minutes undergraduate students are both scholars and teachers.

For those looking to move on to graduate studies and/or pursue a career in academia, the Undergraduate Research Conference provides important practice and preparation. The positive experience I had in 2010 gave me much needed confidence and rehearsal for future presentations. For those not pursuing academia or graduate school, it provides a unique occasion to be the expert, and share with others interested in the various fields that the conference covers, your knowledge and passion. I would encourage all undergraduate students to present their research to their community and support their fellow colleagues and students who have chosen to do so.

Kyle Falcon

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