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English Studies (BA)

To​pic in Literature courses Fall 2014 Semester
A Celebration Of Alice Munro, Nobel Laureate, Prof. Laurie Kruk and Prof. Lindsey McMaster.
Photographed by Stephanie Fehr
Playing Jeopardy at English Studies Social
photographed by Stephanie Fehr
English Class
English professor, Dr. Rob Breton, teaches his class about 19th century literature and culture with special emphasis on political writing
Playing Jeopardy at English Studies Social
photographed by Stephanie Fehr
Sixth Annual Speaker Series
James Deahl presents on "Allowing Fear: The Poetry of Alden Nowlan"

Over the course of a degree, we study the culture that is expressed, imagined, defined, and, in some cases, denied in the literatures in English from Beowulf (the Anglo-Saxon dragon-slayer) to the present.

Why study literature (e.g., novels, films, political pamphlets, theatrical performances, graphic arts)? Literature is variously a medium of argument and persuasion, a body of myth, aspirational fantasy, self-delusion, propaganda, and reason. Ours is a study of how and what these texts mean to the culture in which they participate. The skills we develop (hallmarks of the discipline) include critical thinking, clear communication, a sensitivity to nuance of ideas and their presentation, and an empathic imagination.

English Studies is one of the largest programs at Nipissing University; this is a testament to what we do and how well our degree offerings pair with/prepare students for other departments’ offerings; it is also a reflection of how well prepared students are for whatever subsequent career choices they make with an English degree in hand.

Students select courses from three groups: Literary History and Genre Studies; Cultural and Media Studies; and Rhetoric and Language Studies, designing for themselves a comprehensive degree.

Nipissing University is continually ranked with A grades for:

  • Quality of Teaching
  • Campus Atmosphere
  • Class Size (A+)
  • Student Residences
  • Academic Support Services
    (According to Globe and Mail – GlobeCampus)

Don’t take it from us; here’s what students say:

  • "The best thing ... is being able to see your professors outside the classroom and they greet you on a first-name basis. There is nothing better than being able to talk to your professor like they are a friend."
  • "There is a large focus on research at the undergraduate level which does not always happen at larger universities. This gives Nipissing science students a path to further education and graduate schools."
  • "It is in a very scenic, northern setting. There are many trails on campus and a pond and waterfall to relax by to relieve stress and just think."
  • "The residences here are amazing with excellent dons and managers and activities. The residences are new and have amazing laundry, phone and kitchen facilities."
  • "Recreational and athletic programs offer a wide variety, lots of activities to sign up for, appropriate for all levels of skill."
    Source: GlobeCampus “Student Sound Offs”

See for yourself why The Globe and Mail ranks Nipissing with “A” grades for Quality of Education and Campus Atmosphere​​​​​

​English Studies Essay Prize

This Prize is awarded to the author of the best Fourth-Year Essay, as nominated and selected by ES Faculty.

The Department of English Studies is pleased to award the Sixth Annual Essay Prize (2013-14) to KEVIN TOBIN, FOR

"Foucauldian Control Structures in The Matrix Trilogy: Zion, The Matrix, and the Dilemma of Domination and Subjugation."

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