Dr. Warnie Richardson

Warnie Richardson photo
Professor / Faculty of Education and Professional Studies - Schulich School of Education
Full-time Faculty
Dr Richardson is a professor of Educational Psychology, Special Education and Mental Health within the Schulich School of Education. Prior to arriving at Nipissing, he was a Special Education teacher/educational assessor for sixteen years, all in very “hard-to-serve” educational environments in both Canada and the Caribbean.
BA, Acadia University
BEd, University of Toronto
MEd, University of Toronto
EdD, University of Toronto

Dr Richardson’s doctoral work, and most of his research and writing to date have focused overwhelmingly on international educational scenarios and themes and/or topics that are “special educational” in nature, especially those that relate to the life experiences of juvenile delinquents (young offenders) and the incredible resiliency of at-risk and/or marginalized adolescents.


Sample Publications:

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Richardson, W. J., von Kirchenheim, C. & Richardson, C. A. Teachers and Their International Relocation: The Effect of Self-Esteem and Pay Satisfaction on Adjustment and Outcome Variables. International Education Journal, 7 (7), pp. 883-894.

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