Accessibility Planning Committee


Established in March 2003, the mandate of the Nipissing University Accessibility Planning Committee is to:

  • Conduct inquiries regarding potential and actual barriers to people with disabilities in all facilities, regulations, policies, programs, practices and services offered by Nipissing University
  • Identify facilities, regulations, policies, programs, practices and services that cause or may cause barriers to people with disabilities
  • Prioritize and specify barriers that will be removed or otherwise modified in the coming year within the limits of the financial and human resources available
  • Describe how these barriers will be removed or prevented
  • Prepare an annual report on these activities
  • Make an Annual Accessibility Plan available to the public


Members of the 2019 - 2020 Nipissing University Accessibility Planning Committee:

Michelle Banks Chair - HR Generalist Health Safety & Wellness Ext. 4811
Casey Phillips Assistant VP - Student Services Ext. 4100
David Drenth Director of Facilities Services Ext. 4842
Jade Nighbor Manager, Digital Marketing Ext. 4494
Heather Hersemeyer Director of University Technological Services Ext. 4346
Nancy Black Executive Director - Library Services Ext. 4220
Shannon Landry Manager, Student Accessibility Services Ext. 4907
Terry Kirkby Manager, Contracts and Projects Ext. 4505
Steven Hansen Professor - Physical Health Education Ext. 4091
Rob Brownlee Marketing, Web Developer Ext. 4607
Paul Ritter Marketing, Web Developer Ext. 4917
Frank Kuntsch Residence Maintenance Supervisor  Ext. 4802
Carly Saunders Recording Secretary - HR Office Administrator Ext. 4898
Hannah Mackie NUSU President Ext. 4801