Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards: in-course

(Based only on academics)

In-course scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit to full-time undergraduate students who have completed at least one full year of study at Nipissing University. Generally, an application is not required. Students must be registered ​to receive a scholarship, which is generally paid out in January. Weighted grades are used to determine eligibility for a scholarship; please check this section to confirm eligibility requirements for specific programs.

(Based on financial need and/or other criteria)

Provided to students on the basis of financial need or some combination of extra-curric​​ular involvement, academics, demonstrated leadership ability, volunteerism or other similar criterion plus financial need. To ​​demonstrate financial need, students must self-identify by applying for any/all of the following: OSAP (or other government student loan program), the Web Bursary Program, or the Work Study program.

Separate applications are not generally required for most of our bursaries and awards; if you feel you will require some additional financial assistance during the fall and winter session simply complete the online Web Bursary ap​plication which can be found on Web Advisor the month of October (it is due November 1). As part of our commitment to the Student Access Guarantee, bursary assistance may be provided, if warranted, to ensure that tuition and book costs are met.

To find more information on the  bursaries and awards offered at Nipissing University, please complete the chart, below.


Nipissing University assumes liability for the payment of scholarships, bursaries and other awards only to the extent that expected gifts from donors or returns from particular investments of endowed funds are realized. The University reserves the right to make whatever changes circumstances may require, including the amendment of monetary value, selection criteria and the cancellation of particular awards. Information on the current status of any of these may be obtained by contacting the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office or by visiting the Nipissing University website at 

Students who feel that their individual circumstances are not being fairly considered when determining eligibility for the aforementioned scholarships, bursaries and awards have the right to submit a written appeal explaining their circumstances to the Undergraduate Services and Awards Committee.​

  • Value:

    Awarded to a graduating fourth year BSW student who achieves the highest grade point average in the professional years of study and who demonstrates an outstanding contribution in field education. The value of the award is $500 and includes a certificate. If two or more candidates achieve the same GPA and are judged to be sufficient and of equal merit, the award may be shared. Students are selected by the School of Social Work on the recommendation of the Social Work Departmental Group.

  • Value:

    Awarded to a graduating fourth year BSW student who demonstrates an outstanding contribution to social work leadership in Northeastern Ontario. This leadership shall be demonstrated by: i. Understanding and enacting the core principles of anti-oppressive practice in a variety of ways such as: achievements in field education, academic assignments, group projects, classroom discussions, extra-curricular activities, peer mentoring and leadership; ii. Using anti-oppressive practice to promote empowerment among oppressed groups; and iii. Challenging inequality and/or oppression in their own lives and practice.

  • Value:

    Presented to a Nipissing student who self-identifies as Indigenous and is graduating from an undergraduate degree program.

  • Value:

    Awarded to an Indigenous student enrolled full-time at Nipissing University in the Arts, Commerce, Science, Social Work or Business Administration. The recipient must demonstrate financial need and cannot be sponsored by the Department of Indigenous and Northern Affairs.

  • Value:

    Established in memory of Lindsay Margaret Wilson, a graduate of Nipissing University who had dedicated her life to the community support and advocacy of people with special needs or disabilities. The award is given to a full-time student, with preference to a student enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program majoring in Child and Family Studies or the Bachelor of Social Work program. The recipient should demonstrate a commitment to and knowledge of advocacy for community integration of children, youth and/or adults with special needs acquired through employment, education and/or volunteer work. Preference is also given to college transfer and mature students.

  • Value:

    Presented to a full time second, third or fourth year student majoring in Social Welfare or Social Work with a minimum 70% average. The recipient must also demonstrate financial need and be a resident of Ontario as defined by OSAP.

  • Value:

    Awarded to a full time student enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Work program who demonstrates financial need and is a resident of Ontario as defined by OSAP. Preference is given to a student in third or fourth year who demonstrates dedication to the North Bay and Nipissing community through their involvement in community service.

  • Value:

    Awarded in support of the donor's community initiatives and in conjunction with the Nipissing University Alumni Advisory Board. It is presented to a student in the Bachelor of Social Work program who has demonstrated financial need and community involvement.

  • Value:

    Established by a generous gift from the Knowledge First Foundation. This is awarded to an Indigenous student enrolled in the professional years of Social Work who has a minimum overall average of 75%.