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Nipissing University President's Discretionary Fund

The Nipissing Fund is a flexible and unrestricted source of support utilized for Nipissing’s three strategic priorities: the student experience, academic/research excellence, and community engagement. This funds It allows the University to: meet pressing student needs as they arise; launch special projects; encourage innovation and efficiency; and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Those initiatives with the most direct and substantial impact on students are given the highest consideration. Overall, the fund affords a nimble response to important efforts that have serious impact for our students. Donations to the Nipissing Fund ensure that some of Nipissing’s greatest needs and opportunities, often unanticipated, are responded to quickly and decisively.   In contributing to this fund, donors are improving the lives of students and creating opportunities for success. Their important philanthropic gifts are directly impacting the quality of student life and building on Nipissing’s vision of excellence, innovation and creativity.

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