The NU Promise Program

If you have not secured career-related employment in 6 months after graduation we invite you to return for another year tuition-free for up to 30 additional credits

Success Starts With You

What is the NU Promise Program?

The NU Promise is a multi-year program designed to enrich your student experience at Nipissing University by helping you navigate life as a Laker and your university journey. The NU Promise Program provides a Student Success Coordinator to help you navigate its three core pillars that students will engage with: Academic Success, Engagement and Self-Development, and Career Development.

Why Should I Get Involved?

By actively participating in the NU Promise Program, you’ll enhance your student experience through involvement opportunities, academic success, and career development, while developing the skills and competencies unique to your successful transition throughout university and beyond into the workforce.

How Do I Benefit?

The NU Promise Program provides a framework and foundation for students to focus on the development of the skills and competencies that will meet the demands of Canada’s future skills economy and society such as:

Critical Thinking

Social Perceptiveness

Active Listening

Decision Making, Judgement

Emotional Intelligence

Social Skills

Digital Literacy

Drawing Inferences, Analysis

Nipissing University is confident in its faculty, programs, services and supports and how they prepare students for a rapidly changing skills-based Canadian economy. Currently, 95.98% of Nipissing University graduates already find employment within 6 months of graduating which surpasses the Ontario University average of 91.23%.

Nipissing University invites students actively participating in the NU Promise Program to return, tuition-free, for up to 30 additional credits if 6 months after completing your 4-year undergraduate degree program with a 70% GPA and all required elements of the program, you have not secured career-related employment.

Program Eligibility

  • Newly admitted first-year students (admitted before September 2023) pursuing a 4-year degree (including Concurrent Education) granted by Nipissing University. 
  • Students pursuing a 3-year degree in Native Studies, Liberal Arts, Liberal Science, and Commerce
  • Transfer, mature, and second degree students with 30 or fewer credits
  • Current students with fewer than 30 credits

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