Employment Posting:
Tree Planter

Employment Type:
Current Student

Employer: Celtic Reforestation - Kelsey Beaton

Location: Prince George, BC

Tree planting is a difficult job and in essence involves planting trees every day, all summer.

Do you like trees? Do you enjoy being outside all day every day for 3 months straight? Does carrying 50lbs up a hill excite you? How about mosquitos, torrential rain, 60 new friends, nightly campfires and money only limited by your own potential? If yes - keep reading!

My name is Kelsey, I am a former UoG student and now Forewoman with Celtic Reforestation. I am looking to fill a few positions on my tree planting crew, there is no experience needed: - just a relentlessly positive attitude, a commitment to the entire summer and a love for challenges.

Some details:

  • We are based out of Prince George, BC - however, our contracts take us all over the beautiful northern wilderness of British Columbia
  • The planting season begins early May and ends in late July/early August, this depends entirely on how fast we plant trees
  • You are paid a piece rate: Tree price x How many trees you plant in a day = Your earnings
  • We work 3 in 1's, meaning 3 days on and 1 day off
  • We also work out of a bush camp, best described as glamorized camping - you sleep in a tent all summer long (or your own vehicle if desired/possible), there are shower trailers, portable toilets, a cook shack (with cooks that feed you for every meal!) and a canvas mess tent
  • Sometimes we are in cell range and close to town, however, it is not out of the ordinary to be camped somewhere an hour or more away from civilization, including limited to no cell service
  • Most days we take a truck to work but sometimes it can be a helicopter, every day is the same but also different

Tree planting is an amazing way to make money, meet new people from different walks of life, and push yourself to limits you didn't even know you had. It changed my life and it paid off my student debt. If these things don't scare you but instead, absolutely THRILL you... this might be the perfect summer job for you!

Hours of work: Full time, hours vary

Job Type: Summer

Wages: Piece rate

Duties and Qualifications:

Duties: plant as many good quality trees as you can each day.

Qualifications: positive attitude, physically fit, loves challenges and adverse weather conditions


  • Ability to carry 50lbs
  • able to work 8-10 hours/day in various weather conditions
  • able to bend over 1,000+ times/day

How to Apply:

Please send your cover letter and resume to: kelseyrean@gmail.com