Server Maintenance

Planned Service Outage – Saturday, August 22nd, 2020

There will be intermittent outages of Single Sign-On (SSO) services on Saturday, August 22nd to migrate student accounts to the new username format and to enable the new SSO pages that were previously communicated. The new SSO pages will provide a seamless SSO experience with Microsoft Office 365 offerings. These outages will start occurring Saturday morning, and could persist throughout the day.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Services affected include, but are not limited to:

To keep the IT resources at the University secure and in good working condition scheduled maintenance is sometimes required. This maintenance can include any or all of the main servers (e.g. Ellucian or NU file server) and will normally exclude email and internet services, unless otherwise specified.  The community will be informed via email and notices on and WebAdvisor with the times and dates of all server maintenance.