Your Learning Integrations and Training team is proud to offer various workshops and training opportunities throughout the year.

In addition to this we also provide custom training to staff and faculty on numerous applications used within the University.​

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Workshop Topics:

Adaptive Technology

Adaptive technology enables people with exceptionalities to access and use information through media designed to support their learning styles and strengths.​

Blackboard I: Adding and Organizing Content

In this session, the presenters will demonstrate how to add files and other resources to a Blackboard-enhanced course as well as how to organize content using a variety of course tools. Other items to be explored include how to build your course’s navigation menu, how to ‘design’ your course’s front page, and how to check that your students can access the content you add.​

Other Blackboard tutorials​​

Blackboard II: Using Communication Tools

In this session, you will learn how to use the various communication tools within a Blackboard-enhanced course. The highlighted tools include announcements, calendar, the discussion board, blogs, wikis, and journals.​

Blackboard III: Using Assessment Tools

This session will demonstrate how to add an assignment to a Blackboard-enhanced course, how students download and submit assignments, and how to collect submitted assignments. It will also focus on the connection that assignments and assessments (quizzes and tests) have with the Grade Centre.​

Blended Learning

Blended learning is quickly becoming a learning model used to support students who are on and off campus. This session will review terminology, provided examples of blended learning, and suggest strategies for engaging students in the blended environment.​

Death by PowerPoint? Never Again

The term "Death by PowerPoint" will never again be heard in the halls of Nipissing University! In this session, we will explore how (and when) to use PowerPoint to energize your students. We will discuss updated design principles which will leave your students "wowed" and engaged. We will also discuss some nifty "tips and tricks" for maximizing the presentation experience. Finally, various alternatives to PowerPoint will be suggested.

Digital Cameras

An introductory digital camera course.  How to familiarize yourself with your camera, basic tips and techniques for taking photos.  We will also talk briefly about iPhoto. Participants are encouraged to bring their own digital cameras if they own one (some will be provided to the class for use).  This is a hands-on workshop.​

Digital Photography

A formal introduction to iPhoto, editing photos and creating media (.e.g., cards, calendars, etc.).  This workshop will also discuss integrating photography into the classroom.

Digital Storytelling

Learn about and make your own digital story telling in this workshop.  This workshop focuses on the use of iMovie and identifies a few other resources. Required Resources: Macbook with iMovie.​


In this session, participants will learn what an ePub is and how it differs from a PDF. Participants will also create their very own multimedia ePub of Alice in Wonderland.





The ePortfolio workshop introduces participants to various ways of collecting and showcasing this media that can be applied to course assignments and an upcoming job search​.

Free iPad Apps: An Embarrassment of Riches

In this session, participants will learn about some very handy apps that will aid in their use of the iPads in the office and the classroom. They will also learn where to go to start finding handy free apps.

Getting Organized with Gmail and Google Calendar

Have you ever forgot to reply to that urgent email? Has it taken you six emails to organize a meeting with colleagues? In this session, you will learn about the organizational and efficiency features of Gmail and Google Calendar. Be the master of your Inbox.

Getting Your Feet Wet in SPSS

Are you intimidated by statistics or not sure where to begin?  This introductory session is intended to expose you to the SPSS v19 interface and menus.  Come and see how to import data and run reports so you can get started with your quantitatively-focused research endeavors.​

Google Docs "Boot Camp"

Google Docs is a free web-based office suite (compatible with Microsoft Office documents) and accessible through all major web browsers. With Google Docs, you can have access to your important documents even when you are on the go. Fully integrated with Gmail, Google Docs helps you to collaborate (in real time) with colleagues and peers. Whether you are interested in forms, spreadsheets, or presentations, take this chance to see how Google Docs brings collaboration to a new level.

Interactive Whiteboard Alternatives

​​Interactive whiteboards are a key piece of classroom technology. This workshop provides hands-on experience with several options including SMART, Promethean, Mimio and the Wiimote style of whiteboard.​


Find out about some great resources that can be used in and out of the classroom to help with teaching and save you time. Recommended resources: an iOS device.​

Mastering MAC Basics

New to Mac? Nervous? Unsure? Don't be! Macs are very user friendly; you just need to get to know them. During this session, you will develop understanding of file management, searching for applications, using external devices, personalizing your machine, and more.  If you have a Mac Laptop, please remember to bring it to the session.​

Navigating Blackboard

Learning management systems such as Blackboard are an integral part of post-secondary education. Through effective use of a learning management system, faculty and students can share resources, use various communication options, and so forth. In this session, you will learn some important strategies for getting around Blackboard, Nipissing’s learning management system.

Response Systems

This session is an introduction to SMART response systems and software: topics covered include what's available, how they work, and how to create quizzes. Participants are encouraged to bring their MacBooks with SMART Notebook and response software installed.​