Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate)

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In addition to supporting Blackboard Learn for asynchronous teaching and learning opportunities, LIT also supports the use of Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate) for synchronous teaching and learning opportunities.  The following resources will allow you to ensure your computer is setup appropriately for this tool, as well as provide faculty members with some best practices in regards to synchronous web conferences and/or meetings.

Please note that if you connect to 'Best Practices' with a Mac browser you will be asked to download a plugin called the Collaborate Launcher. Accept this download if you have not already done so.

Blackboard Collaborate Launch


*Please note that the "Best Practices" resource is a recording of a Blackboard Collaborate session and will therefore ask you to save and open the appropriate file.



I've run the audio wizard but I still can't hear anything/record my voice.

You may need to force your system to recognize your speakers/microphone. To do this, open the Options menu again and select Microphone Settings/Speaker Settings. In the Preferences dialog box, select the microphone or speaker you want Collaborate to recognize and use. You can also get to Preferences by selecting Blackboard Collaborate from the menu bar.


Audio Setup


The Collaborate window just disappeared!

Blackboard Collaborate Logo

Before attempting to rejoin the session, please check your dock (Mac) or task bar (PC) for the purple Collaborate icon. If it is there, click on it to maximize the window. However, if the icon is not there, you have lost your connection and will need to rejoin the session.

Whenever I try to talk, the other session participants tell me they can hear an echo.

This usually occurs when you are using a headset microphone as the input device but your system speakers for the output (the headset microphone picks up the sound and transmits it back). Open the Options menu, select Speaker Settings and select the headset speakers as your new output device.

If you are not using a headset microphone, check the box for “Cancel echo between microphone and speakers”.


Audio Echo Troubleshoot

Other participants report that my voice keeps cutting in and out.

There are two possible remedies for this. In Speaker Settings, you can check the box for “Transmit all sound, even when it appears to be silence”. As an alternative, choosing a slower connection speed can also help. Go to the menu bar and select Blackboard Collaborate > Preferences. In the dialog box’s left-hand frame, scroll down and look for a category called Session – it is preceded by a triangular arrow and a small plug/connect icon. Immediately below Session is Connection (you may need to open Session). Once you select Connection, you will have below to change your speed via the Connection Speed menu. 


Connection Speed