For Students: Single Sign-On, MS Office 365, Gmail, and Google Apps

What changes have been made?

1. Your login username has changed - it is a shortened version of your email address, with a suffix of '' instead of ''

e.g.: if your email address is, you will use

The username change was active as of Monday, August 17th.

What other changes are coming?

1. The single sign-on (SSO) process will look different. This single sign-on page is the same login page that you use to log into WebAdvisor,, or Blackboard. Please note that there will now be 2 pages. The single sign-on change will be made during the day on Saturday, August 22nd.

On the first page, you will be prompted to enter your email address (e.g.:

Changes to single-sign on at Nipissing University

On the second login page, you will be prompted for your password (which has not changed):

Changes to single-sign on at Nipissing University

2. Student Gmail will be replaced with Outlook in Microsoft Office 365, with your email being migrated automatically for you. The student mail link on will change to open MS Outlook instead of Gmail. This change will occur on Saturday, August 22nd.

3. The Blackboard mobile app will switch to using the single sign-on page on Sunday, August 16th, and will be available on Monday, August 17th. You may need to log into Blackboard again using your mobile application if you have it installed on your iOS or Android device.

Why are these changes being made?

To avoid the scenario where there would be two separate single sign-on processes with different sets of credentials for both Nipissing and Microsoft services, the username needed to be harmonized with Microsoft's standards.

When are these changes coming?

  • The username change was made on Sunday, August 16th, and will was active on Monday, August 17th.
  • The single sign-on process (e.g.: login pages for WebAdvisor,, Blackboard) will change at some point on Saturday, August 22nd
  • Your email service will be switched from Gmail to Outlook on Saturday, August 22nd.
  • Google Apps will tentatively be phased out on July 1st, 2021.

What services does this change impact?

This change impacts any Nipissing University service that uses single sign-on. These include, but are not limited to:

  • The website
  • Blackboard Learn - Web / Blackboard Learn - Mobile App
  • WebAdvisor and Self-Service
  • Microsoft Office 365

Does my password change?

No, your password will remain the same. Only your username will change.

Will I still be able to access Gmail after the being migrated to Microsoft Outlook (MS Exchange)?

No, however, your email will be migrated to Outlook for you. Be sure to read the next question and answer regarding additional Google applications.

Can I still access other Google Apps such as Google Drive and Sheets after the Introduction of Office 365?

Yes, however, it will be a different process. You will need to access it via the "Google Services" link on the portal. Again, Gmail will not be available.

All Google applications other than Gmail will be available until July 1st, 2021, giving you time to migrate your documents out of the Google platform. After July 1st, 2021, Google apps will no longer be available.

Will email sent to my '' bounce with this change to an '' email address?

No. Any email sent to your old '' email account will automatically be forwarded to your new '' email address.