How to Check your OSAP Status & Funding

  • Open your OSAP file (you need your OAN and password)
  • On the main page of your file, you’ll see the application you submitted to Nipissing University: choose “view application details”
  • Under the Income section, you’ll see if you authorized Nipissing to pay fees from your OSAP

if you need to change your answer, email, with the correction)

  • Go back to the main page and choose “check status”
  • On the next page you’ll see the status summary – if you only see “school must confirm your enrolment” then you have done everything you need to do to complete the file – If there is anything else there, you will need to provide whatever documentation is still missing.
  • Next, choose the “funding summary” – that tells you how much OSAP is coming and when. Do not count the 30% off Ontario Tuition Grant as money that will pay your school fees – that grant HAS to go to your bank account
  • Compare the OSAP installment for the fall against what is owing in the fall
    • If there's enough coming in the fall (and your file is complete as mentioned above and you said "yes" to paying fees with OSAP), you will be granted a deferral of your fees until your OSAP funding is paid out. There is no need to apply for this.
    • If there is a shortfall, you need to pay the difference by the fee deadline.
  • The process is repeated for the winter term

HEADS UP: if you are in residence, watch that you have enough coming in your winter OSAP installment to cover the fee installment in January! You may need to use some of your fall OSAP to cover winter fees!