2018-2019 Master of Education

Full-time/Flex time Calculations: 

Fall Term Due: September 7, 2018 $3,695.93
Winter Term Due: January 11, 2019 $3,470.93
S/S Term Due: May 10, 2019 $3,470.93
Total $10,637.79

Tuition = $3,150.40 per Term for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

Ancillary Fees by Term:
1st Term:  ​ $320.53 Per Term
   $225.00  Student Insurance Plan **
2nd Term:  $320.53  
3rd Term:  $320.53 Per Term

Flex-time students pay full-time fees for their first 6 semesters. For semesters seven through twelve flex-time students pay student ancillary fees only.

Full-time Extension Fee (Terms 7, 8 and 9) = $1000.00 per Term + $320.53 Ancillary fees + SIP**

Flex-time Extension Fee (Terms 13, 14, and 15) = $1000.00 per Term + $320.53 Ancillary fees + SIP**

International Tuition: $18,350.00 per Year (+ $624.00 UHIP + $961.59 Ancillaries) = $19,935.59 + SIP**

**Annual $225 Student Insurance Plan applies to all students once per year, normally due in the Fall semester

*Students enrolled in the full-time/flex-time Master of Education program pay full-time fees on a per term basis. Students in the full-time program who have not completed the program after six consecutive terms (2 yrs) may apply for an extension, and if granted, will be charged a $1,000.00 extension fee plus ancillary fees of $320.53 per term.*Full-time students will be charged a minimum of six terms regardless of the time it takes to complete the degree. Students in the flex-time program will not be charged a extension fee, but must pay the ancillary fees for all future terms until the program has been completed.  


**An interest charge at the rate of 1.5% will be assessed monthly (19.56% effective annual rate) on all student accounts with balances outstanding after the relevant due date for fees incurred.  Interest will not be waived for late payments.**​

Non-payment of fees may render a student ineligible for registration in future sessions. In addition, students who are in financial arrears to the university may face deregistration from future courses and will not be issued their transcripts of record, statement of standing, degree or related evidence of their academic progress until such time as their account is cleared.​