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Budgeting Worksheet & Tuition Estimator

Are you studying full-time or part-time? Full-time Part-time
Under which fee category does your program fall? Arts & Science Business/Computer Science
Will you be on campus or in a distance program? On campus Distance
Are you a Canadian student or from abroad? Canadian International
Will you be living in residence? No Yes
Estimated tuition, ancillary and residence fees

Budget for the School Year from September to April

INCOME/RESOURCES (for school year/term) Totals for School Year
Savings at the start of the school year
Contributions from parents/relatives for the academic year
Academic Awards/Bursaries/Scholarships (include graduate scholarship – e.g. OGS, NSERC, SSHRC)
Spouse's income after deductions x 34 weeks
Part-time work (net weekly earnings during school year) x 34 weeks
Graduate Research Assistantship or Fellowship Total
Government income
Specify type(s) (e.g. CPP Benefits, EI, WSIB, Child Tax Benefits, Universal Child Care, ODSP, Aboriginal Funding, etc.)
x 8 months
OSAP (Total for current academic year) – visit http://osap.gov.on.ca to determine your eligibility
include Canada Student Loan, Ontario Student Loan, Canada Study Grants and Millennium Bursary.
RESPs (Registered Education Savings Plan) – available for use this year
Bank loan/line of credit (obtained for this year only; enter value before tuition fees paid)
Other miscellaneous income (total for 8 months – include other provincial government student loans)
Investments (e.g. GICs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, term deposits, etc.) available for use this year
Total Resources
LIVING EXPENSES (for school year/term) Totals for School Year
Tuition, incidental fees
Books, supplies & equipment
Rent/Mortgage x 8 months
Groceries, personal hygiene and housekeeping supplies x 8 months
Utilities x 8 months
Phone/Internet x 8 months
Child care (unsubsidized) x 34 weeks
Medical/Dental (uninsured) x 8 months
Vehicle Costs - Maintenance costs for academic year
Vehicle Costs - Insurance payments per academic year
Vehicle Costs - Average gas cost x 34 weeks
Vehicle Costs - Car payments x 8 months
Transportation (Do not complete if vehicle costs reported above)
Clothing, Laundry, Dry cleaning (for the academic year)
MINIMUM monthly interest payments on student line of credit x 8 months
MINIMUM Monthly payments on credit card(s) x 8 months
Leisure: Sports, Entertainment, etc. x 34 weeks
Practicum/placement costs
Total Expenses

Financial Need:


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