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The Record of Student Development

Record of Student Development 
What is the Record of Student Development (RSD)?

  • The Record of Student Development (RSD) is a co-curricular transcript endorsed by Nipissing University on which you can list the workshops, volunteer experiences, awards, activities, and on-campus employment opportunities you participate in or receive throughout your academic career.

Why should I participate in the RSD program?

  • It’s a great way to get more involved on campus and in the community!
  • To learn and develop new skills while also practicing existing ones
    • By participating in the RSD, you will actively seek out opportunities to fulfill competencies in areas like idea generation, initiative, communication, conflict negotiation, health and wellness, intercultural fluency, engaging arts and culture and more!
  • Employers love it!
    • The RSD demonstrates to employers that you have been involved in a lot of great activities like workshops, training, and volunteering. It also clearly communicates to them that you have the skills and competencies they are looking for in an employee. Each activity listed on your record includes the skills/competencies you demonstrated next to it for employers to see.
  • To have an official record to showcase everything you have been involved in throughout your degree
    • The RSD program is endorsed by Nipissing University and this means that Nipissing University can officially verify your involvement and the skills/competencies that were developed as a result of your involvement.
  • The RSD is great for grad school applications, bursary and scholarship applications, and career preparedness!
Students interested in starting their own Record of Student Development (RSD) can register and browse opportunities to get involved by going to > Services > Record of Student Development.
Who are supervisors?

  • ​Supervisors are the folks who help fill the RSD Database with opportunities for students to get involved in!  
  • Supervisors are staff, students, faculty, or community members who oversee RSD Approved Activities such as clubs, events, workshops, volunteer opportunities, leadership roles, student employment opportunities, and more. These folks are responsible for: adding their activity to the RSD database via the "For Supervisors" button below, choosing the competencies demonstrated through participating in their activity, and tracking student participation/attendance to be submitted to after the activity/role ends. 
​Supervisors interested in adding an activity, award, or role to the RSD Database can do so via the "For Supervisors" button below. 

​Contact Us

Students and Supervisors who have questions about the Record of Student Development (RSD) are encouraged to reach out via or 705 474 3450 ext. 4459. 

Each student involved with the RSD is assigned an RSD Administrator to help them through the process. Students can book an appointment with their RSD Administrator Monday - Friday between 8:30 am - 4:30 pm via the contact info above or online at 

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