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What is the Record of Student Development?

The Record of Student Development (RSD) is a co-curricular transcript endorsed by Nipissing University which recognizes the activities that students have participated in outside of the classroom. Students use their RSD as a place to formally highlight all of the workshops, volunteer experiences, awards, and activities they participate in or receive throughout their academic career.

Why should I participate in the RSD program?

  • It’s a great way to get more involved on campus and in the community!
  • To learn and develop new skills while also practicing existing ones
    • By participating in the RSD, you will actively seek out opportunities to meet 20 involvement outcomes in areas like: idea generation, initiative, communication, conflict negotiation, and more!
  • Employers love it!
    • The RSD demonstrates to employers that you have been involved in a lot of great activities like workshops, training, and volunteering. It also clearly communicates to them that you have the skills they are looking for in an employee. Each activity listed on your record includes the skills/competencies you demonstrated next to it for employers to see.
  • To have an official record to showcase everything you have been involved in throughout your degree
    • The RSD program is endorsed by Nipissing University and this means that Nipissing University can officially verify your involvement and the skills that were developed as a result of involvement.
  • The RSD is great for grad school applications, bursary and scholarship applications, and interviews!


How do I register?

You can register by logging into the student portal and clicking the "Register" button at the bottom of the page. Check your student email for a confirmation/welcome email from your RSD Administrator.

What does a transcript look like/what is the purpose?

Here’s a sample of what an RSD transcript looks like. The purpose of the RSD transcript is to give students an official place to record the various learning experiences they are involved in outside of the classroom.

Who can I contact for help with my RSD?

If you need help at any point during the RSD process, contact your RSD Administrator via email at rsd@nipissingu.ca. You can also book an appointment to meet with your RSD Administrator. To do so, drop by B210, book online via nipissingu.ca/slt, or call 705 474 3450 ext 4459.

How do I add activities/awards to my transcript?

Activities and awards are submitted to the RSD database by supervisors. You can search the list of approved activities/awards by logging into the student portal and clicking on "Browse Activities" or "Browse Awards" links in the sidebar. All currently approved activity/award will appear here. Looking for a specific activity/award? Use the search bar to type in keywords to help you find what you’re looking for quicker. Once you have found the activity/award you’d like to add to your transcript click the blue "+ Activity" or "+ Activity" button to request for it to be included on your RSD.

After clicking the "+ Activity" or "+ Award" button, the activity/award you selected will appear under the "Under Review" tab until your RSD Administrator reviews the activity/award and consults with your supervisor. If your activity/award is approved by your supervisor it will appear under the "Approved Activities" tab of your account. If your activity/award is declined by your supervisor it will be removed and you will be contacted by your RSD Administrator.

What can be included on my RSD?

The possibilities are endless! Any activity that fits within one of the three categories mentioned below and is in line with the RSD Policy can be included on your RSD.

Possibilities include: workshops, conferences, volunteer experiences, awards, events, and more. Check out a sample transcript by clicking here.

What are the 3 categories for activities?

Record of Student Development activities can be categorized into 3 different areas.

  1. Leadership and Self-Development
    • This category recognizes activities where: (1) a student takes on a leadership role within an on-campus group; (2) a student is in a leadership position that develops and implements activities, programs, or events that are in service of the Nipissing University community; (3) a student participates in a self-development training or learning experience that contributes to their overall growth and development as an individual or complements their academic learning.
  2. Involvement and Outreach
    • This category recognizes participation in a volunteer or community service initiative on campus or in the North Bay community. Participation may be individual or as part of a student group or club.
  3. Awards and Recognition
    • This category recognizes Nipissing University awards bestowed upon students for extracurricular involvement or academic awards not recognized on the Academic Transcript.

I searched the database but don’t see the activity/award I’m looking for. What do I do?

Contact the RSD team via rsd@nipissingu.ca to ask if the activity/award can be included in the RSD Program. Let us know a bit about the activity/award and who supervises it when you email us!

New activities/awards are being added to the database every day as students approach either supervisors or the RSD team with ideas of activities to be included. If you think an activity you participated in or an award or certificate you know of fits the RSD policy, encourage your supervisor to add it to the database by getting them to fill out this form.

I’m missing involvement outcomes. How do I find activities that meet the specific outcomes that I am missing?

You can search the RSD database for activities that will meet particular involvement outcomes! First, navigate to the “Search Activities” page. Next click the “filter by needed outcomes” button to narrow down the list of approved activities to just the ones you need!

If you don’t see a suitable activity in the database, consider getting involved in activities not already in the RSD program that you feel will meet the Involvement Outcomes you need, then get your supervisor to add that activity for you!

Is there a deadline to add activities/awards to my transcript?

Yes. All activities/awards must be added by students and approved by supervisors within the same academic year they occurred. The academic year begins on April 16th and ends on April 15th the following year (e.g. Begins April 16th, 2017, and ends April 15th, 2018). However, we strongly encourage you to add activities to your account within two weeks of the completion of the activity.

Can I add activities from previous years?

No. In order to be eligible for inclusion on your record, activities must be submitted within the same academic year they occurred. Add activities to your record right after they occur so that you don’t forget!

How do I request my transcript?

You can request your transcript at any time by contacting your RSD Administrator via email at rsd@nipissingu.ca.

If you are currently working on completing your 20 Involvement Outcomes but have not completed all 20, you will receive an unofficial transcript.

Once you have completed all 20 of the Involvement Outcomes and feel you are ready to complete the RSD program, the last thing you need to do is write a short reflection on your experiences. Once your RSD Administrator reviews your reflection, you will then be sent your official transcript to your Nipissing student email address.

What is a student reflection form?

The student reflection form is a short written reflection about your participation in the various activities included on your Record of Student Development. Students are asked to complete this reflection to consider how their university experience has been shaped by being involved outside of the classroom. It is the final requirement to complete the RSD program and receive your official transcript.


How do I submit an activity/award?

Before submitting an activity, it is important to review the RSD policy to ensure your submission is in accordance with requirements of the program. In order to submit an activity/award, fill out the Activity/Award Submission Form.

What are my responsibilities as a supervisor?

As a supervisor in the RSD program, it is your responsibility to complete the Activity/Award Submission Form, as well submit the RSD Verification Spreadsheet to verify student participation and involvement outcomes (see: What is involved in the verification process?).

Furthermore, we encourage supervisors to be knowledgeable about the RSD program in order to support students through the RSD process.

How many involvement outcomes should I choose for my activity/award

There is no definitive rule for how many involvement outcomes are appropriate for each activity. As a supervisor, it is your responsibility to critically reflect on which involvement outcomes students will have the opportunity to develop and to be able to verify these outcomes for each student. When choosing outcomes, consider the depth of the commitment, the time involved in the activity as well as the level of responsibility placed on the student. Ask yourself, did the student coordinate, facilitate or attend the activity? Did the activity require 1 hour to complete or several weeks? Etc. In general, the average submission will see between 3 – 5 involvement outcomes. Less is more!

Excellence is the only Involvement Outcome assigned to awards/certificates.

What is involved in the verification process?

Once your activity has passed, submit the RSD Verification Spreadsheet to the rsd@nipissingu.ca with the names of the students to be approved, and the names of the students to be declined (if any). As an RSD Supervisor you retain the right to decline a student’s request for inclusion of an activity on their RSD if you feel they did not effectively demonstrate the Involvement Outcomes for that activity. Using the spreadsheet, you may also choose to approve students individually for a reduced number of Involvement Outcomes. As a supervisor, you are ultimately responsible for approving or declining whether a student should receive recognition for their participation in your activity/award on their RSD.

Please submit your RSD Verification Spreadsheet within two weeks of the completion of your activity/award.

Who is eligible to submit an activity?

Please refer to Who are supervisors?

When do I need to submit an activity by?

Activities must be verified and therefore submitted no later than April 15th of the academic year in which they occurred. Ideally, activity submissions are submitted and approved ahead of the deadline.

When do I need to verify student involvement by?

Activities must be verified no later than April 15th of the academic year in which they occurred. RSD Verification Spreadsheets will be accepted up until this date for each academic year.


What is an activity?

Activities are any voluntary involvements you participate in during your time at Nipissing University that meet the stated objectives of the Record of Student Development Policy. Please refer to the RSD Policy for specific information on activity criteria.

Who are supervisors?

Supervisors are individuals responsible for approving or declining a student’s request for an activity to be added to their Record of Student Development transcript. This individual is the staff, student, faculty, or community member who oversees, coordinates, or facilitates a particular activity (e.g. group, club, event, workshop, etc.) and can verify the authenticity of a student request.

What is an involvement outcome?

An involvement outcome is 1 of 20 individual areas of development that each approved activity in the program needs to be mapped to. Examples of involvement outcomes in the RSD are Communication, Initiative, and Receiving Feedback. For a full list of the 20 involvement outcomes associated with the RSD, please refer to the RSD Policy.

What do you mean by “verify”?

In order to maintain the high level of integrity and legitimacy of the RSD program, it is important that activities, involvement outcomes, and student involvement are authentic. As such, learning opportunities must be verified as following the RSD Policy.

For more information on the verification process, see “What is involved in the verification process?”

What are involvement categories?

What is a transcript?

The RSD transcript is a document endorsed by Nipissing University that lists the verified involvements that a student participated in during their time at Nipissing University, along with the identified involvement categories and outcomes.

Here is a sample of what an RSD transcript looks like (download pdf):


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