Group Therapy

Therapy groups use evidence based therapy techniques and are very effective at assisting students with their concerns. Working through challenges as a group can help students see alternative ways to cope through different circumstances and life situations, while feeling connected and supported.

Learn to Cope: A therapy group for those having difficulty managing some of the personal, social, and situational stressors in their life. This group allows students to talk about their problems as well as learn how to practice mindfulness, increase their distress tolerance and emotional regulation skills, and grow in their interpersonal effectiveness.

Changing Our Thoughts: A therapy group designed to help students to learn to change their thoughts and behaviors, and in turn to decrease their symptoms of anxiety and depression. Attending this group will help students recognize symptoms of anxiety/depression, challenge unrealistic thoughts, learn new healthy behaviours, and practice new ways of thinking. 

Not all students are eligible for group therapy. Eligibility to participate in group services depends on your needs and group availability. 

An intake appointment must be scheduled before you can register for group therapy.  To request an intake appointment please complete the online registration form located here.​