Group Therapy

Therapy groups use evidence based therapy techniques and are very effective at assisting students with their concerns. Working through challenges as a group can help students see alternative ways to cope through different circumstances and life situations, while feeling connected and supported.

Growing Together Virtual Therapy Group

Growing Together Virtual Therapy Group

A supportive 6-week Therapy Group that takes place in “real time”, attended from the comfort of your own home.

Change and uncertainty can be difficult. Yet, it is what all of us are faced with in these unprecedented times. This Therapy Group recognizes the variety of challenges that are having an impact on our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual lives right now. Whatever your personal or mental health goals are, consider joining us virtually to learn, reflect, share, and refocus what is meaningful to you.

Group topics include:

  • Finding meaning and connection in different ways
  • How to take care and be compassionate with ourselves (and no, not just with deep breathing and bubble baths)
  • Understanding how we feel and navigating emotions within relationships
  • Improving ourselves in a way that fits for us, not others
  • How to go from feeling stuck and resentful to having options that allow for gratitude and peace

To register, request an intake appointment by completing the online registration form located here.​

Not all students are eligible for group therapy. Eligibility to participate in group services depends on your needs and group availability. 

An intake appointment must be scheduled before you can register for group therapy.  To request an intake appointment please complete the online registration form located here.​