Decision Making

The third phase in the Career Evolution cycle is where you start to narrow down your options. After you have gathered your research, or perhaps you already have an understanding of an industry or field, and it aligns with your own competencies and values, you need to start making decisions about what your next steps will be.​

The importance of having a plan is the key to success in this phase.

Strategies for making decisions and putting them into action are:

  • Complete an Action Plan to keep yourself accountable. If you write actions and dates down, you are more likely to do it.
  • Seek out relevant work experience in a local organization by working casually, or volunteering, to help you decide on your next move.
  • Attending events such a professional association seminars, career fairs, connecting with social media forums to reach out and learn more, such as Twitter and Linkedin​.
  • Review changing plans and priorities on an ongoing basis, and update Action Plan accordingly.