Note Taking Services

Already have a note sharer/note taker?

You can download your notes by accessing the Portal below. Download our instruction sheet for step-by-step directions through the portal.

Need note taking support?

Upon determining your eligibility, you can request a Note Sharer/Taker by completing the Note Taking Request Form. To avoid any delays in receiving notes, it is best to complete the request form as early as possible so that a match can be found for your course(s) from the beginning of each term. If a request is received after the term has already begun, we will endeavor to find a match for your course within 7 days of receiving the request. Our office will contact you when we have found a Note Sharer/Taker for the course(s) you have requested.

Peer Note Sharing is an enhanced service and is not a guaranteed accommodation, however if SAS is unable to secure a Note Sharer within a week of a student’s request, we will provide students with referral information and links to other resources and services that may be helpful.

For students receiving Professional Note Taking, SAS will use Note Taking Express (NTE) when a Note Taker cannot be found for your course. Should the use of NTE be necessary, you will be contacted by our office to install the application and given an account login. NTE is an app that allows students to record lectures using their cell phone, tablet, or laptop. The recording is uploaded through the secure app, where a note taker will create professional notes which will be provided to you within 48 hours. Audio files will not be stored on your device.