Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodation is a process by which you are provided conditions, services, and/or tools, which help to compensate for the effects of your disability in your studying, classroom learning, testing and other evaluation. These accommodations are based on your functional limitations; they are unique to you and specific to your disability-related needs. Appropriate accommodation is fair and is meant to “level the playing field” and not give you an advantage over your p​eers.

Letter of Accommodation

The Letter of Accommodation is a summary of the academic accommodations and support which may be required in order to participate in lectures, complete course work, and/or write tests and exams.  The Letter of Accommodation is typically emailed to the Professor by the Accessibility Consultant at the beginning of each semester.  

Important: You must request your Letter of Accommodation be released to your Professors each term by completing the Returning Student Form online​.