Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Academic Skill Development Program?

The Academic Skill Development Program is an educational resource that engages students in learning the fundamental academic skills that are necessary for their success at the university level. Along with providing one-on-one and small group support the Student Learning Coordinators also maintain the Academic Skills Drop-In Centre and the Peer Educator Program. All academic skill development services (with the exception of Peer Tutoring) are free to Nipissing University students.

Will you proofread or edit my essay?

The Student Learning and Transitions department team are educators who are dedicated to engaging students in the learning process. By editing or proofreading your work for you we will become better editors, but you will not become a stronger, more confident writer. We’re able to look at sections of your work, see your writing trends, and teach you how to identify and fix issues on your own. It takes active involvement on your part, but you’ll see improvement with dedication.

I’m working on a math assignment and I’m stuck on a problem. Can’t you just do it for me?

Definitely not. Just like we can’t edit or proofread your essays, we cannot do your assignments for you. You will not learn, and it is academically dishonest to submit any work that is not your own. However, we can teach you the skills to complete and, more importantly, understand your work.

Do I need to prepare for my appointment?

The best thing you can do is to arrive at your appointment ready to discuss issues you feel need to be addressed. This will allow the Student Learning Coordinator to tailor the session to your needs.

What you need to bring will depend greatly on the type of session you’re going to have. If you’re visiting to work on your writing, math, or science you should bring your assignment or past assignments, or if you’re looking for assistance with time management you’ll need your agenda and your course syllabi. Feel free to contact the Coordinator you will be meeting to confirm what you should bring to be prepared.

How often can I have consultations with the Student Learning Coordinators?

You are assessed based on your needs at the first appointment with a Student Learning Coordinator. If an additional appointment is required, you will be directed to book another appointment to meet with the Coordinator again. The Coordinators are here to provide resources to aid with your success and will allow time in between appointments for you to apply the knowledge you have gained and to develop your skills on your own.

I’m a distance education student and live too far away to come for an appointment. Can I just email you my assignment?

The Student Learning Coordinators are happy to meet with you via Microsoft Teams through your Nipissing student email. The Coordinators are not able to accept assignments by email unless they have requested it in advance of an in-person or distance appointment.

Please visit  and fill out the “Book and Appointment” form to connect with a Student Learning Coordinator. 

I’m a little worried that I might have trouble in a course I’m going to be taking next semester. Can I come for help now or do I have to wait?

Absolutely! Come for help as soon as you can. Having a tutorial with a coordinator in advance can help you to stay on top of your work and prevent small issues from becoming big problems.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment with a Student Learning Coordinator, please visit and fill out the “Book and Appointment” form to connect with a Student Learning Coordinator or email or call 705-474-3450 x 4459.

Please note the Student Learning Coordinator will initiate the appointment/call via Microsoft Teams. We may be running a few minutes late and appreciate your patience.

Can I communicate with the Student Learning Coordinators and other SLT staff using the Microsoft Chat function?

Student Learning Coordinators and other SLT Staff members will NOT be available over the Chat or any other features of the Microsoft Teams application. Following your appointment on Microsoft Teams, all future and/or rescheduling appointments must be booked via using the “Book and Appointment” form. 

Please email if you require further support.

What is the Peer Educator Program?

The Peer Educator Program gives students the opportunity to gain experience and learn from each other through Peer Tutoring and the Academic Skills Drop-In Centre. Peer Educators are trained by the Student Learning and Transitions team and have met the academic requirements that will allow them to successfully support fellow students.

For more information regarding our programs, initiatives, and services, please contact the Secretary, Student Learning and Transitions at or by calling 705-474-3450 ext. 4459.