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Community Service-Learning (CSL) is an educational approach integrating theory taught in the classroom with real-world experience in the community. At Nipissing University, Biidaaban Community Service-Learning (BCSL) coordinates most CSL programs, and offers support faculty to connect with community, while ensuring university students are safe and supported during their placements.

Students are immersed at not-for profit organizations, and other community settings in projects or activities designed to reflect classroom learning. In return, the organization receives an opportunity to guide student learning while gaining volunteer assistance.

Some project examples of past placements include:

  • Grant proposal writing
  • Creating handbooks for community organizations
  • Website maintenance and creation
  • Program support
  • Fundraising
  • Event planning
  • Technical support
  • Academic support
  • After school youth groups

Reflection is the key component to Community Service-Learning. Reflection ties theory learned in class to real world experiences. Faculty is responsible for all reflection activities.

Reflective activities include:

  • Guided journaling
  • Discussion groups or debriefing
  • Essay or paper
  • Oral presentation
  • Group journal
  • Letter to self
  • Reflective interview
  • Artistic reflection


Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning

Centre for Community Partnerships - University of Toronto

Laurier Centre for Community Service-Learning

Vanderbilt University - Centre for Teaching

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