Treaty Learning Centre

Treaty Learning Center (L334)


The purpose of the Treaty Learning Centre is to acknowledge the significant history of treaty-making between First Nations and the Crown in Canada. The statement that “We are all treaty people” acknowledges treaty-making as a foundational relationship in Canada. The Treaty Learning Centre is activated through materials and resources and knowledge shared through talks and traditional cultural teachings. It is a place of learning that values traditional cultural knowledge and oral histories of treaty-making equally with historical understandings of treaty. The Treaty Learning Centre is a space to learn about the continued significance of treaty today.


The Treaty Learning Centre is a shared space that is managed collaboratively by Enji Giigdgoyang - the Office of Indigenous Initiatives at Nipissing University and the First Peoples Centre at Canadore College.

The Treaty Learning Center is a space for sharing circles, thesis defenses, traditional teachings, research talks, and educational sessions. It is for use by students, faculty, staff and invited guests. Smudging may take place in the Treaty Learning Center with advanced notice (minimum 72 hours). Please review the university’s Smudge Policy​. Events in the Treaty Learning Centre can be booked by contacting the Secretary to the Director of Indigenous Initiatives (705-474-3450 ext. 4899) or

Please respect the shared space and do not remove any materials or items. Please leave the furniture as you found it.​​​​​