Outside Emergency Phone Locations

  • On the walkway behind the Athletics Centre leading into Parking Lot #5
  • On the walkway leading to the Athletics Centre from the main Education Centre 
  • On the top section of Parking Lot #8 
  • Between the two sections of Parking Lot #1
  • Outside wall of Townhouse Residence unit #75

Activation of an Emergency Phone connects the caller to our Answering Service Attendant and simultaneously discloses the caller's location to a Security Officer. The Attendant will request the information that is on the plastic sign by the phone and instruct the caller to remain on the line until a Security Officer arrives at their location.

These phones are for Emergency purposes only. They are not to be used for non-emergency situations such as car boosts or locked keys in a vehicle. If you misuse these phones, you are placing someone else in potential danger. These phones reset on preset times.

In addition all Pay Phones have free access to 911 and Security Services.


Click here to download all Emergency Phone locations on campus