Short Term Disability - What You Need to Know

What you need to know:

  • Short-term Disability (STD) is NOT automatic
  • Eligibility/Qualifying period:
    • Seven (7) consecutive days of total disability or;
    • Upon hospitalization as an in-patient and overnight or;
    • None if total disability is due to an accidental injury caused by an unforeseen event
  • Medical evidence of total disability must be provided, claims can be denied without sufficient medical evidence.  In the event a claim is denied, employees will have to use sick days or leave without pay to cover the time off
  • Employees are required to complete and/or have the following forms completed by the appropriate individual (Note: these forms will be provided to the employee by Human Resources):
    • Employee's Statement
    • Attending Physician's Initial Statement
    • STD Fact Sheet 
    • Authorization Form
  • Employees must be under the continuous care of a qualified physician during the time of their claim.  Employees must see their doctor within the first seven (7) days of being disabled and then for regular treatment during the claim period.  Regular treatment includes seeing your doctor at a minimum bi-weekly (every other week).  It is understood that the latter is the standard for all claims; however, depending on the nature of the claim (medical condition), you may be required to see a qualified physician more frequently during the claim period.  
  • Employees are required to present a return to work certificate/note from the attending physician to Human Resources the morning they return to work (8:30 a.m.)
  • STD, if approved, will pay 75% of your pre-disability weekly earnings.  Employees are able to utilize sick leave, floaters and vacation to top up to 100% pay (these options are listed on the Short-term Disability Options Form)


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