FASS Services

Word Processing Services

FASS provides a wide array of professional word processing services.  Dedicated full-time secretarial staff are available daily to assist faculty and staff with any word processing requests.  All FASS staff are highly skilled in the latest version of MS Word and related software packages (see the list of supported software below).  Jobs are completed in a timely manner based on the suggested ‘Work Completion Guidelines’ outlined further in the document.  The quality and accuracy of work completed is of primary importance.  All confidential materials are dealt with in an appropriate manner. 

  • Word processing requests can include:  typing various correspondence (letters, memos), practice teaching forms, midterms, final exams, A.P.T. reports, curriculum vitae, assignments, course outlines, workshop materials, conference materials, minutes of meetings, labels, mail merges, manuscript materials, invitations etc.
  • Specialty software for creating math symbols is also available and is widely used for creating assignments, tests and exams. 
  • Hardcopy documents can be scanned and, using special optical character recognition (OCR) software, converted into electronic format for editing and formatting.  
  • Digital signatures can be created using the scanning station.  These digital signatures are often requested when a large number of signatures are required or where the faculty/staff member is unable to come into the office for that particular request (e.g. certificates, reference letters).
  • FASS staff work to ensure copyright compliance with all materials processed in the office (see the ‘Copyright’ section for details on copyright guidelines).

Multiple Choice Scanning

FASS offers quick and convenient multiple choice scanning services.  Multiple choice test answer sheets (bubble sheets) are available from FASS.  Up to 200 questions can be scanned per individual student.  Multiple choice selections of A – E are permitted.  True and False questions are normally A & B.  Currently, FASS is unable to process answers with either negative or differently weighted scores but this may be permissible in the future.  Faculty must submit a master answer key along with the student answer sheets for processing.  Results can be extrapolated in a variety of ways such as individual score reports, group score reports, question statistics and class statistics.  Confidentiality is strictly maintained.

Evaluation Scanning

FASS processes the course evaluation scanning of the evaluation scan sheets for both Arts & Science and Education courses.  FASS maintains an inventory of course evaluation scan sheets.  Once again, confidentiality is strictly maintained. 

Final Exam Processing

The FASS department processes all fall and winter term final exams for the Faculty of Arts & Science, Faculty of Applied & Professional Studies and the Schulich School of Education.  Exams are either submitted in hardcopy format to be typed or submitted electronically to be edited/formatted.  All exams utilize a standard Nipissing University template which is normally added during the processing of the exams.  The basic steps are as follows:

  • Submission deadlines for faculty are created based on the final exam schedule received from the Registrar’s Office.  Memos and reminders are sent to faculty prior to and during the exam period.  Detailed instructions on the submission process are included in the memo along with a supplementary materials request form.
  • Exam processing is electronically tracked from start to finish in both FASS and Print Plus.  The tracking spreadsheet provides checkpoints for every step of the process, leaving nothing to chance.  This tracking system is essential due to the large number of exams that must be processed in a short period of time and the involvement of both the Registrar’s Office and Students Affairs.
  • Accuracy during the typing and formatting of exams is absolutely critical.  Faculty must provide their final approval of the latest exam draft before FASS will process it further.  Copyright material must be checked and approval sought where needed. 
  • Once final approval is received, the exams are brought directly to Print Plus for printing.  Printed exams are stored and distributed by the Registrar’s Office.  
  • Strict security measures are implemented by FASS and Print Plus throughout these steps to ensure that the integrity of exams is maintained at all times.  Student workers are not employed by FASS or Print Plus during final exam period. 
  • Past Arts & Science exams are posted on the University website at the discretion of the faculty member.  All past Faculty of Education exams are posted on the University website. 


Fass and Print Plus collaborate to create daytimers specific to the needs of the Nipissing University community. Academic and Calendar year options available in a variety of sizes and styles. Click on the style type to view samples of our Monthly and Weekly Style Daytimers.

Miscellaneous Creations

FASS can create/design layouts and graphics for websites, posters, brochures, bookmarks, logos, media presentations, notepads, business cards, brochures, booklet covers and more.  Staff have access to both standard Microsoft software and specialty software to accommodate these requests.  Completion times will vary depending on the request.  For creations requiring mass duplication, FASS may request signed approval of proof copies prior to sending the request to Print Plus. 

General Technical Software Support

Basic technical support can be provided to staff and faculty in their use of supported software products such as Microsoft Office and e-mail (see the list of Supported Software).  The University Technology Services Help Desk is available for more complex technical support requests.

Document Storage/Archiving

FASS has a comprehensive electronic filing system, shared with Print Plus, that allows FASS staff to quickly retrieve and reuse documents previously produced.  The files reside on a secure network system that is backed up on a daily basis.  By allowing FASS to maintain the filing system, faculty and staff can be ensured that the latest document versions are stored in a logical and systematic manner for easy access. This method also saves faculty and staff personal network space and works great for long distance requests.

Master CD Creation

The creation of master CDs involves the organization of various files and/or images on a computer and then the transfer of these onto a CD.  Interactivity can be added (hyperlinks and auto play) when requested.  The master CD can serve as a file storage medium (stores more than a floppy, is less volatile) or it can be used as the original for mass duplication on the CD burner in Print Plus.  The design of CD labels and CD package covers is a supplementary service offered by FASS, where once again, any request for mass duplication can be sent directly to Print Plus where the staff there will put together all of the necessary components.  Where copyright protected material is involved, a special digital license must normally be obtained.  Obtaining this license if often very time consuming and can be costly.  It is important to plan accordingly. 

Copyright Information

Information on fair dealing and copyright can be found on the Harris Learning Library website.

* * Student Assignment Drop-off * *

We do not accept assignments from students. The drop box is located just outside the faculty mailboxes. The students should place their assignments in an envelope and clearly mark the professor's name on the front.