Requesting FASS Services

Faculty and staff can request services from FASS directly (by coming to the office), or they can request services via e-mail, or by telephone.

Direct Requests

Two forms are available at the FASS front counter, one for secretarial service requests (selections range from detailing word processing to OCR scanning requests) and one for multiple choice scanning requests. Faculty and staff are asked to detail their request on the appropriate form by completing the various sections. Special instructions can be added at the bottom of the form. One important field on the form is the ‘Date Required’ section. It is critical that a reasonable date be specified, with ‘a.s.a.p.’ notations being strongly discouraged. By reviewing the ‘Work Completion Guidelines’ above and/or speaking with the FASS staff, a mutually agreeable timeline can be established.

Normally, once the form is completed, it is attached to any related hardcopy work and the package is placed in the work request tray on the front counter.

Some requests necessitate hardcopy (OCR, scanning request), while others, as shown below, can be e-mailed or phoned in.

E-mail Requests

E-mail is a great way to send job requests from a distance, whether from outside of the University or just from the H wing. It is also useful when faculty or staff want to include an electronic attachment to be processed (please see the list of supported software to ensure compatibility). Faculty and staff can e-mail the general e-mail account to request those services that do not require hardcopy documentation. This account is checked regularly throughout the day by any staff member who is in the office. Each FASS staff member also has an individual e-mail address (see ‘Staff’ section above for addresses) that can be used if the requestor is working specifically with that person on a project. However, by using the general account, if any particular FASS staff member happens to be away from the office, work will still be received and processed by another staff member. It is critical that all e-mail requests include specific job request details, along with the date required and contact information.

Telephone Requests

Telephone requests often occur when the document in question is already stored in the FASS electronic filing system and only minor changes are required. Faculty and staff can telephone the FASS office at extension 4373. All FASS staff have access to the FASS phone line and voice mail system. All FASS staff have individual voice mail systems (see the ‘Staff’ section above for extensions). When leaving a voice message, please detail the job request, and include the date required and contact information.

Once Completed

Completed work can be placed in an internal mailbox, picked up directly from the FASS office, or e-mailed back to the requestor where appropriate. All work completed in hardcopy format will include an attached return slip with the name of the staff member who completed the job, the date of completion, and other relevant remarks such as a request to proof read and return with corrections.

Duplication Requests

As a supplementary service, work requests with duplication instructions can be sent directly to Print Plus for completion. Duplicated work can then either be picked up at Print Plus or placed in an appropriate mailbox. If duplication is part of the original request, it is important to detail (on a form, in an e-mail or via telephone) the quantity requested, b/w or colour copies, type of paper (3 hole, size, colour, stock), any special features (stapling, binding, folding), and a charge account where appropriate. More information on Print Plus services is available in the Print Plus Information Booklet.

Example (full service request)

  1. A faculty member drops off a test to be typed from handwritten notes, filling out the appropriate form at the front counter.
  2. A FASS staff member types it, edits it, formats it, and designs a professional title page.
  3. It is returned to the faculty member in a sealed envelope, with a return slip asking for the faculty member to proof it and return it with any changes.
  4. Once returned to FASS, the staff member makes the necessary changes and electronically sends the job directly to Print Plus for duplication.
  5. Print Plus places the work in sealed envelope in the faculty’s mailbox for pickup prior to a 6:30 p.m. class.


All faculty and staff are encouraged to stop by FASS and discuss how the services outlined above can assist them in their daily work. It may be assistance for administrative departments during peak periods or assistance for faculty trying to find time to type correspondence or utilize a website to supplement regular in-class delivery of course materials. The services are many, the staff are highly qualified and always eager to help. FASS is here to make busy lives better.