Adding Bullets or Numbering
 1. Select the text that you would like to add bullets or numbering to
 2. On the Word Main Menu, click on Format
 3. Click on Bullets and Numbering
 4. If you want bullets, select the type of bullet desired and click okay
 5. If you want numbering, click on the "Numbered" tab of the dialog box
 6. Select the type of numbering desired and click okay
Creating Tables
To quickly create a simple table, follow the steps below:
 1. Place your cursor and click in the space where you want the table to be created
 2. On the Standard Toolbar (the one found under the Word Main Menu), click the Insert Table button
 3. Drag the mouse to select the number of rows and columns you want
Formatting Table
To give a table a variety of looks by using borders, shading, and fonts you can use the Table AutoFormat command.
 1. Click the table
 2. On the Main Menu click Table, and then click Table AutoFormat
 3. Select the format and options that you like
Inserting Footnotes or Endnotes
 1. On the Main Menu click Insert, and then click Footnote ...
 2. Click Footnote or Endnote
 3. In the Numbering section, click the option you want
 4. Click Ok
 5. Type the Note text
 6. Scroll back to your place in the document and continue typing
Creating Table of Contents
To create a table of contents using built-in heading styles follow the steps below:
 1. Apply built-in heading styles to the headings you want to include in the table of contents
          To Do This Quickly:
               * Select a paragraph or character style you like from the Style box on the Formatting toolbar
 2. Click where you want to insert the table of contents
 3. On the Main Menu click Insert, and then Index and Tables
 4. Click on the Table of Contents tab
 5. You can do one of the following:
           i)  Choose a design from the Formats box
           ii) Specifying a custom design by choosing the options you want
 6. Select any other options you desire
 7. Click on Ok
Creating and Printing Envelopes
 1. On the Main Menu click the Tools menu, and then click Envelopes and Labels
 2. Click on the Envelopes Tab
 3. In the Delivery address box, enter or edit the mailing address
 4. In the Return address box, you can either accept the default return address or enter or edit the return address
 5. To select the envelope size, the type of paper feed, and other options, click on Options
 6. In the Envelopes and Labels dialog box you can do one of the following:
         i)   Print the envelope now by inserting an envelope into the printer (as it is shown in the Feed box), and then clicking on Print
         ii)  Attach the envelope to your current document for editing or printing later by clicking on Add To Document
         iii) Modify an existing envelope previously attached to your current document by clicking on Change Document