3. Internal Evaluation & Implementation Plan

Unit Response

On receipt of the report the members of the unit will meet in committee for discussion. The Dean and the unit head will then meet with AQAPC to review the report. Based on the report, comments received from AQAPC and relevant university planning documents, the unit will then prepare a formal written response. The response will address the issues raised and clearly outline priorities and future directions over the next three to five years - where possible describing goals and timelines for achieving them. As such the unit response should be prepared in close partnership with the Dean. The Dean will submit an independent response to AQAPC that describes:

  1. Any changes in organization, policy or governance that would be necessary to meet the recommendations,
  2. The resources that would be required to support and implement selected recommendations,
  3. A proposed timeline for implementation of the selected recommendations,
  4. A rationale for the selection of recommendations to be implemented.

The response and any subsequent comments from AQAPC will inform the unit’s and the faculty’s long-term planning and strategy development.

    AQAPC Response

    Following a full review of all reports, including the self-study, the VPAR (or his/her designate) shall prepare for AQAPC a report (excluding all personal information) that summarizes the findings and conclusions of the undergraduate and graduate quality review for the programs of the unit. This report will include a statement of the strengths and weaknesses of the programs, and the action to be taken by both the unit and the administration on the recommendations arising from the undergraduate and graduate program review. The Final Assessment Report (excluding all confidential information), and Executive Summary and Implementation Plan shall be recommended by AQAPC to Senate for approval. The Institutional Executive Summary of the outcomes of the review and the associated Implementation Plan shall be posted on the website and presented to the Board of Governors of the University, with a copy provided to the Quality Council.

      Role of Vice-President, Academic and Research

      • The Office of the Vice-President, Academic and Research will ensure the distribution of the Final Assessment Report (excluding all confidential information) and the associated Implementation Plan for the Unit, Senate and the Quality Council.
      • The Office of the Vice-President, Academic and Research will ensure that the Institutional Executive Summary and the associated Implementation Plan are posted on the Nipissing University website and copies provided to both the Quality Council and Senate.

        Role of the Deans' Office(s)

        1. The Dean’s office will provide for the timely monitoring of the implementation of the recommendations, and the appropriate distribution, including web postings, or the scheduled monitoring reports.
        2. The Dean’s Office will establish the extent of public access to the:
          1. Information made available for the self-study;
          2. Self-study report;
          3. Report of the Review Committee;
          4. Specified responses to the report of the Review Committee.

        It is expected that the report from the Review Committee will be afforded an appropriate level of confidentiality.

          Preparation and Adoption of Implementation Plan

          The Vice-President, Academic and Research, and the Dean, working with the members of the unit under review, will make every effort to address issues that were identified for program improvement. However, there can be no assurance that all of the reviewers’ suggestions and recommendations will be implemented.

          The Final Assessment Report will include an Implementation Plan that identifies:

          1. The Senate as responsible for approving the recommendations set out in the Final Assessment Report;
          2. The Vice-President, Academic and Research will be responsible for providing any resources made necessary by those recommendations;
          3. The Dean and the Chair/Director will be responsible for acting on those recommendations;
          4. Timelines for acting on and monitoring the implementation of those recommendations will be developed by the Dean in consultation with the unit.
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