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Research Supervisor

As a graduate student, it can often be a daunting task to try to identify a member of the Education faculty who is both eligible to supervise a thesis or major research paper (MRP), and who has the time, interest and skills needed to see the research through to successful completion. One important source of support in the identification of a supervisor is the graduate student’s faculty advisor, who was assigned to the student at the time of her or his admission to the MEd program.

The lists that follow identify all the current full or associate members of the graduate faculty in Graduate Studies in Education who are eligible to supervise or co-supervise MEd thesis or MEd MRP research, and the specific areas of interest and expertise in which they are willing to act as supervisors, co-supervisors or internal second readers.  Graduate students and faculty advisors are encouraged to consult with each other and these lists to help expedite the process of bringing the student and supervisor together to engage in a fulfilling and successful research experience. 

Full or Associate Education Graduate Faculty


 Graduate Chair in Education -

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 Full Graduate Faculty

Dr. John Allison
No photo available
Dr. Glenda L. Black
No photo available
photo of Dr. Natalya Brown
Dr. Mark Bruner
No photo available
No photo available
No photo available
Dr. Susan Elliott-Johns
No photo available
No photo available
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Dr. Dan Jarvis
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Dr. Barbi Law
No photo available
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Dr. Jim McAuliffe
No photo available
Dr. Michelann Parr
Dr. Mike Parr
Dr. Carlo Ricci
No photo available
Dr. Greg Rickwood
No photo available
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Dr. Tara-Lynn Scheffel
No photo available
Dr. Timothy Sibbald
Dr. John Vitale

 Associate Graduate Faculty

No photo available
Karey McCullough
No photo available
Dr. Astrid Steele
Dr. Rick Vanderlee

By Research Methodology 

Research Methodology Faculty
Allison, J., Barnett, J., P. Black, G., Brackenreed, D.,
Campbell, T., Cantalini-Williams, M.,Cho, C., Clausen, K, Elliott-Johns, S., Ferguson, K., Grierson, A., Hatt, B., Horton, T., Jarvis, D., Kariuki, M., Mady, C., Maynes, N., Parr, Michelann, Parr, Mike, Shields, C.,Rintoul, H. Ricci, C., Ryan, T., Scheffel, T. L. ,Steele, A., Vitale, J.,  
Brackenreed, D., Cantalini-Williams, M., Hay, D., Hansen, S., Horton, T., Jarvis, D., Kariuki, M., Karvinen, K., Law, B., Maynes, N., McAuliffe, J., Sharpe, G., Sibbald, T.
Mixed Method
Black, G., Brackenreed, D., Bruner, B., Cantalini-Williams, M., Clausen, K., Jarvis, D., Law, B., Parr, Michelann, Parr, Mike, Rintoul, H., Ryan, T.,Vitale, J., 
Narrative Inquiry
Campbell, T., Barnett, J., Elliott-Johns, S., Grierson, A., Hatt, B., Parr, Michelann, Ricci, C., Rintoul, H., Shields, C., Scheffel, T. L., Sharpe, G., Steele, A.
Action Research
Campbell, T., Cho, C., Cantalini-Williams, M., Clausen, K., Grierson, A., Jarvis, D., Kariuki, M., Parr, Michelann, Parr, Mike, Ricci, C., Ryan, T., Sharpe, G., Steele, A., 
Arts-based Educational Research Methods
Cho, C., Gosse, D., Jarvis, D., Mantas, K., Ricci, C., Shields, C., Vitale, J.
Grounded Theory​ ​Barnett, J., Jarvis, D., Maynes, N., Parr, Mike, Ricci, C., Steele, A., 
Barnett. J., Hatt, B., Maynes, N., Ryan, T.
Historical Allison, J., Barnett, J., Clausen, K. , Horton, T. 

Elliott-Johns, S, Grierson, A., Parr, Michelann, Ricci, C., Rintoul, H., Shields, C.

Self-study/reflective practice​ ​Barnett, J., Cho, C., Cantalini-Williams, M., Elliott-Johns, S., Parr, Michelann, Parr, Mike, Rintoul, H., Ricci, C., Ryan, T., Shields, C., Sibbald, T.
​Hermeneutics ​Hatt, B.
​Survey ​Ryan, T.
Ethnography Cantalini-Williams, M., Parr, Michelann, Rintoul, H., Ryan, T​


By Research Interest 



Research Interest Faculty
Aboriginal Education
Cantalini-Williams, M., Frost, L., Sharpe, G.
Aboriginal Health​ ​Bruner, B.
Absenteeism, Student/Teacher
Ryan, T.
​Abuse/Bullying ​Sharpe, G.
Adolescent Literature Elliott-Johns, S.
Adolescent Psychology Cantalini-Williams, M.
Adult Education​ ​Barnett, J., Cantalini-Williams, M., Elliott-Johns, S., Ricci, C.
Alternative Education Barnett, J., Clausen, K., Hatt, B., Parr, Mike, Ricci, C.
​Alternative Practica ​Maynes, N.
​Anti-oppression Education ​Barnett, J., Cho, C., Rintoul, H.
Artificial Neural Networks Hay, D.
Arts and Education
Campbell, T., Cho, C., Hatt, B., Jarvis, D., Mantas, K., Ricci, C.
Arts-based Educational Research (esp. fiction, poetry, autobiography, auto-ethnography), creative research process
Gosse, D., Hatt, B., Mantas, K., Ricci, C., Rintoul, H., Shields, C., Vitale, J.
Assessment and Evaluation
Barnett, J., Black, G.,
Brackenreed, D., Cantalini-Williams, M., Ferguson, K., Grierson, A.,
Hansen, S., Ricci, C., Ryan T.
​At-Risk Learners ​Parr, Mike, Rintoul, H.
Behaviour/Classroom Management
Barnett, J., Black, G., Parr, Michelann, Parr, Mike, Ricci, C., Rintoul, H., Ryan, T., Sharpe, G.
​Behavioural Medicine ​​Karvinen, K.
​Bullying/Abuse ​​Sharpe, G.
​Cancer ​Karvinen, K.
​Children's Literature and Literacy ​Ferguson, K., Parr, Michelann
Chronic Disease​ ​Bruner, B., Karvinen, K.
Collaborative Inquiry Cantalini-Williams, M.
Comparative Education Cantalini-Williams, M.
Corporal Punishment in Public Schools Parr, Mike, Ryan, T.
Black, G., Clausen, K., Corkett, J., Grierson, A. , Hatt, B., Horton, T., Jarvis, D., Kariuki, M., Maynes, N., Ricci, C., Shields, C.
Curriculum & Assessment Cantalini-Williams, M.
Curriculum & Instruction Black, G., Cho, C., Elliott-Johns, S., Grierson, A., Hatt, B., Horton, T., Maynes, N., Ricci, C.
​Critical Pedagogy ​Cho, C.
Critical Theory
Barnett, J., Cho, C., Parr, Mike, Ricci, C.
Democratic Education
Barnett, J., Horton, T., Ricci, C., Sharpe, G.
​Direct and Indirection Instruction ​Maynes, N.
Early Childhood Development and Issues
Campbell, T., Cantalini-Williams, M., Ferguson, K., Jarvis, D., Maynes, N., Parr, Michelann, Ricci, C. Scheffel, T. L. ,
Early Childhood Education Cantalini-Williams, M.
Educa​tional Leadership, Administration Barnett, J., Black, G., Hatt, B.
Elliott-Johns, S., Jarvis, D.,
Maynes, N., Parr, Mike, Rintoul, H., Ryan, T.
​Educational Leadership, ethics & values Barnett, J., Black, G., Hatt, B.
Elliott-Johns, S., Jarvis, D.,
Maynes, N., Parr, Mike, Rintoul, H., Ryan, T.
Educational Policy Barnett, J., Clausen, K., Parr, Mike
Emotional Intelligence
Rintoul, H.
​Engagement (in school, learning, and/or literacy) ​Elliott-Johns, S., Parr, Michelann, Parr, Mike, Scheffel, T.
English Language Learners Corkett, J., Hatt, B., Mady, C.,
​Environmental Education ​Steele, A.
​Ethical Decision-making ​​Rintoul, H.
Ethics of Leadership Barnett, J., Elliott-Johns, S., Parr, Mike, Ricci, C., Rintoul, H.
Evaluation of Teachers, Organizations or Programs
Barnett, J., Parr, Mike
​Exceptional Learners ​Brackenreed, D., Corkett, J., Hatt, B., Parr, Michelann, Ricci, C.
Experiential learning Cantalini-Williams, M., Parr, Michelann, Ricci, C.
Family and Community Engagement Cantalini-Williams, M.
​Family Literacy ​​Parr, Michelann
​Fiction as Research ​​Ricci, C.
French, Core & Immersion Mady, C.
Gender, Equality &
Social Justice
Barnett, J., Cantalini-Williams, M., Cho, C., Gosse, D., Parr, Mike, Ricci, C., Rintoul, H.
Global Education Black, G., Corkett, J., Horton, T., Ricci, C.
Guidance, Counselling
Barnett, J., Brackenreed, D.,
Frost, L.
​Health Education
Health & Physical Education
Bruner, B., karvinen, K., Hay, D. , Hansen, S., Law, B., McAuliffe, J., Ryan, T.,
Health Promotion​ ​Bruner, B.
Healthy Eating​ ​Bruner, B.
​Hidden Curriculum ​​Sharpe, G.
​Higher Education ​Ferguson, K.
​Higher Education and Literacy ​Feerguson, K.
​History Education ​​Horton, T.
History of Education, Educational Archives Allison, J., Barnett , J.,Clausen, K., Horton, T.
Ho​listic and Alternative Education, Unschooling
Gosse, D., Hatt, B., Mantas, K., Parr, Mike, Ricci, C.,
Identities and Power
Barnett, J., Cho, C., Gosse, D., Ricci, C.
​Imagination Creativity Education ​​Hatt, B., Maynes, N.
​Immigrant Teacher Educators ​Cho, C.
​Inclusive Education ​Brackenreed, D., Cho, C., Corkett, J., Parr, Michelann, Parr, Mike, Ricci, C.
Innovation in Education Cantalini-Williams, M.
International Leadership Practices Rintoul, H., Ryan, T.
International and Comparative Education Allison, J., Cantalini-Williams, M., Jarvis, D., Ricci, C.
Interpersonal Relations
Rintoul, H.
​Issues in Education: Violence, Bullying, Abuse, Poverty ​​Parr, Mike. Rintoul, H.
Law​ ​Barnett, J., Parr, Mike,Sharpe, G.
Leadership Development Processes Black, G., Elliott-Johns, S., Rintoul, H., Ryan, T. 
Cantalini-Williams, M., Campbell, T., Ferguson, K., Grierson, A., Hatt, B., Parr, Michelann, Parr, Mike, Ricci, C., Scheffel, T. L.
​Literacy Coaching ​Ferguson, K.
Literacy & Language Arts Education Campbell, T., Cho, C., Hatt, B., Elliott-Johns, S., Parr, Michelann, Scheffel, T.L.,
Literacy, New Literacies Campbell, T., Corkett, J., Hatt, B., Parr, Michelann
Literacy Teacher Education (global) Elliott-Johns, S., Parr, Michelann
Literacy Teacher Education - secondary Hatt, B.
Literacy and Children's Literature Campbell, T., Parr, Michelann, Scheffel, T.
​Management of Behaviours ​Brackenreed, D., Maynes, N., Parr, Mike
Mathematics Education
D., Jarvis, D., Sibbald, T.
Media & Technology Corkett, J., Jarvis, D., Ricci, C., Vitale, J.
Mental Health
Barnett, J., Brackenreed, D.,
​Mentoring ​Sharpe, G., Steele, A.
Metacognition Corkett, J., Maynes, N., Ryan, T.
Multilingual Acquisition Mady, C.
Multiple Literacies Cantalini-Williams, M.
Music Vitale, J.
​Online and Blended Learning in Higher Education
Older Adults​ ​Bruner, B., Ricci, C.
​Parent/Family Engagement ​Parr, Michelann
Parental Involvement in Education
Cantalini-Williams, M., Parr, Michelann, Parr, Mike, Ricci C.
Parenting and Child Rearing Practices Ricci. C.
Pedagogy Cantalini-Williams, M., Corkett, J., Hatt, B., Maynes, N., Ricci, C., Ryan, T. 
Philosophy of Education Campbell, T., Clausen, K., Horton, T., Parr, Mike, Ricci, C.
Physical Activity​ ​Bruner, B., Karvinen, K.
Physical Education​ ​Ryan, T.

Policy and Issues of Identities

Barnett, J., Mady, C.
​Political Education ​​Horton, T.
Politics (Educational Decisions)
Allison, J., Barnett, J., Parr, Mike
Pre-service Teacher Education
Brackenreed, D., Cantalini-Williams, M., Cho, C., Corkett, J., Ferguson, K., Hatt, B., Maynes, N., Parr, Michelann, Parr, Mike, Ricci, C., Ryan, T., Steele, A.
Professional Development
Barnett, J., Black, G., Cantalini-Williams, M., Ferguson, K., Grierson, A., Jarvis, D., Mantas, K., Maynes, N., Ricci, C., Steele, A.
Psychology (learning, memory, attention)
Barnett, J., Brackenreed, D., Corkett, J., Frost, L., Hansen, S., Grierson, A.,
Law, B. , McAuliffe​, J.
Queer Theory & Diversity Studies (race, class, gender, sexual orientation, geographical location, language & culture)
Barnett, J., Cho, C., Gosse, D., Ricci, C.
Reading Intervention Practices (technology) Corkett, J., Parr, Michelann
Reflective Practice
Cho, C., Elliott-Johns, S., Grierson, A., Maynes, N., Parr, Michelann, Parr, Mike, Rintoul, H., Ricci, C. Ryan, T., Scheffel, T., Wideman, R.
Research Ethics Scheffel, T. L., Ricci, R., Rintoul, H., Ryan, T. 
Research: Designs, Statistics, Questionnaire Design Hansen, S., Jarvis, D., Law, B., Ryan, T.
School Leadership Barnett, J., Black, G., Hatt, B., Jarvis, D., Maynes, N., Parr, Mike, Rintoul, H., Ryan, T. 
​Science Education ​Steele, A.
Second Language Motiviation Corkett, J., Mady, C.
Self-Regulation Corkett, J., Hansen, S., Law, B., Maynes, N., Parr, Mike, Ricci, C.
Service Learning
Brackenreed, D., Maynes, N.
Safe Schools
Parr, Mike, Ricci, C., Rintoul, H., Ryan, T. 
​Simulations in Education ​​Ferguson, K.
​Social Concepts and Schooling ​Parr, Mike, Maynes, N.
Special Education
- At-risk, Giftedness, Inclusion
- Assistive Technology, 
- Language & Learning Disabilities
- Dyslexia
Barnett, J., Brackenreed, J., Corkett, J., Frost, L., Hansen, S., Hatt, B., Parr, Michelann, Parr, Mike, Ricci, C., Ryan, T. ,
Standardized Testing
Grierson, A. , Ricci, C., Ryan, T.
​STEM Education ​Jarvis, D., Steele, A.
Student Engagement Corkett, J., Hatt, B., Maynes, N., Parr, Michelann, Parr, Mike, Ricci, C., Scheffel, T. L.
Teacher as Researcher Cantalini-Williams, M.
​Teacher Education ​Brackenreed, D., Cho, C., Cantalini-Williams, M., Corkett, J., Elliott-Johns, S., Ferguson, K., Hatt, B., Maynes, N., Parr, Michelann, Parr, Mike, Ricci, C., 
​Teacher Hiring and Retention ​Maynes, N.
​Teacher Self-Efficacy ​​Black, G., Ferguson, K.
​Teacher Stress, Anxiety, and Coping ​Ferguson, K.
​Teacher Stress and Inclusion ​Branett, J., Brackenreed, D., Parr, Mike, Ricci, C., Ryan, T.
Teachers and Teaching:  Theory & Practice
Campbell, T., Cho, C., Elliott-Johns, S., Grierson, A., Jarvis, D., Maynes, N., Parr, Michelann, Parr, Mike, Ricci, C., Ryan, T., Scheffel, T.
Technology in Education
Allison, J., Black, G., Brackenreed, D., Cantalini-Williams, M., Cho, C., Corkett, J., Frost, L., Jarvis, D., Kariuki, M., Ricci, C., Ryan, T.
Values of Leadership Black, G., Parr, Mike, Rintoul, H., Ryan, T.
​Visual Arts ​Cho, C., Jarvis, D.
Women's Health​ ​Bruner, B.
Work-Integrated Learning Models Cantalini-Williams, M.
​Youth Development ​Bruner, M.
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