School of Business Leadership Awards

Business Leader Awards

These awards are presented to the student(s), from each year, who best exemplifies the values of the Code of Excellence for The School of Business: professionalism, participation, academic integrity and excellence.

2016-2017 Recipients
1st Year Christian Celebre
2nd Year Taylor Hummel & Cooper Allen
3rd Year Cole Holowenko
4th Year Gregory Charbonneau, Zachary Filipov, Markus Hawco, Hayley Heaslip

Past Recipients:

2015-2016 Recipients
1st Year Taylor Hummel
2nd Year Landon Larabie
3rd Year Aaron Veley
4th Year Kimberly Knobel, Matthew Lewis, Carly Turcotte, Darren Wilson
2014-2015 Recipients
1st Year Gillian McCaskill
2nd Year Jessica Demers
3rd Year Carly Turcotte
4th Year Bailey Brown, Michael Codina-Lucia, Nathan Gravelle, Aaron Miller
2013-2014 Recipients
1st Year Jessica Demers
2nd Year Eben Gowan
3rd Year Nathan Gravelle
4th Year John Jackson, Brittany Lazure, Ingrid Neubert, Michelle Gibb
2012-2013 Recipients
1st Year Rick Shaver
2nd Year Nathan Gravelle
3rd Year Kayla Fitzsimmons
4th Year Kristen Van Leeuwen, Andrew Brown, Ian Szeto, Marissa Carman, Jason Gray
2011-2012 Recipients
1st Year Nathan Gravelle
2nd Year James Higginson
3rd Year Ian Szeto, Nicholas King
4th Year Leah Armstrong, Kristopher Brown, Alisa Di Benedetto, Kim Tait
2010-2011 Recipients
1st Year Paul Cianfrini
2nd Year Nicholas King
3rd Year Leah Armstrong
4th Year Derek Clouatre, Miranda Hunt, Dawn S. Lambe, Morgan Marchant, Kelsey Pletzer
2009-2010 Recipients
1st Year Jaqueline Slaman
2nd Year Leah Armstrong, Dawn S. Lambe
3rd Year Sheldon Root
4th Year Justin Chartrand, Paulo Carvalho, Emily Richards, Rachel Roy
2008-2009 Recipients
1st Year Leah Armstrong
2nd Year Mitchell Crown
3rd Year Rachel Roy
4th Year Matthew Bradley, Sean Feretycki, Stephanie McGinnis, Chris Waddell, Ryan Webster
2007-2008 Recipients
1st Year Morgan Marchant
2nd Year Justin Chartrand, Don Lord
3rd Year Matthew Bradley
4th Year Geoff Brown, Dawn Carlyle, Bruno Prazeres, Joel Russell, Leslie Wardley
2006-2007 Recipients
1st Year Justin Chartrand
2nd Year Stephanie McGinnis
3rd Year Leslie Wardley
4th Year Christie Hayne, Ryan Briggs, Amy Timmons, Chela Breckon, Joel Ahrens
2005-2006 Recipients
1st Year Stephanie McGinnis, Jennifer Wong
2nd Year Sean Feretycki
3rd Year Christie Hayne
4th Year Lindsay Pepin, Melissa Toupin-Laforge
2004-2005 Recipients
1st Year Dawn Carlyle
2nd Year Christie Hayne
3rd Year Lindsay Pepin
4th Year Kristy Phillips
2003-2004 Recipients
1st Year Julie Laperriere
2nd Year Derek Stacey, Melissa Toupin-Laforge
3rd Year Jacqueline Emes
4th Year Shannon Brown
2002-2003 Recipients
1st Year Derek Stacey
2nd Year Jacques Ouelette
3rd Year Amanda Wallance, Shannon Brown
4th Year Stephanie McGarry
2001-2002 Recipients
1st Year Donna Mitchell
2nd Year Shannon Brown
3rd Year Laureen Flinders
4th Year Karol Douglas

Peer Recognition for Excellence Award

The Peer Recognition award goes to the student chosen by his or her peers of the fourth year graduating class, as that student who best exemplifies the values of the Code of Excellence for The School of Business: professionalism, participation, academic integrity and excellence.

2016-2017 Recipient​ ​Aaron Veley

Past Recipients:

2015-2016 Emily Bond
2014-2015 Kurt Tempelmans-Plat
2013-2014 David Jackson
2012-2013 Marissa Carman
2011-2012 Lisa Snider
2010-2011 Vanessa Garvin
2009-2010 Justin Chartrand
2008-2009 Matthew Bradley
2007-2008 Dawn Carlyle
2006-2005 Christie Hayne
2005-2006 Curtis Smith, Lindsay Pepin, Melissa Toupin-Laforge
2004-2005 Not awarded
2003-2004 Joey McNally
2002-2003 Vincent K Yeung
2001-2002 Adam Schure

2016-2017 Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award

This award is presented to a student in the Business program, as nominated and selected by the faculty of the School of Business, who shows potential in the field of entrepreneurship.

2016-2017 Recipient​ ​Jeremy Butterworth