Accounting Preparation Quiz

​All first-year School of Business students are required to take at least one introductory accounting course (Introductory Financial Accounting II - ACCT 1107) and if you've never taken accounting before, you'll also be required to take Part I before registering for Part II (Introductory Financial Accounting I - ACCT 1106).

Some students who have taken prior accounting courses still find ACCT 1107 challenging as they do not have a strong foundation in the basic accounting rules and terminology. This self assessment quiz is meant to target these students to ensure that they are registered in the correct course. For example, you may have taken Grade 11 Accounting but you are not sure if you understood the basics in order to proceed. This quiz will help to establish this. No base score is used to determine which course is best for you. If after having completed the quiz you found that you did not understand the terminology or the questions, you may wish to register in ACCT 1106 first where these basics will be covered in more depth.

There are two PDF files below that you may download. One file contains the quiz and the other file contains the answer key.

The School of Business hopes that you have a wonderful summer and we look forward to meeting you in September!

Click here to download the Quiz (208 Kb .PDF)

Click here to download the Answer Key (116 Kb .PDF)