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Arts and Culture (BA)

Visual Culture I
Literalizing the relation between art and architecture, Buffalo, NY, 2010​
Introduction to Arts & Culture
From the floor of Selfridges Department Store, London, UK, 2007​​ -- the 21st century cogito​?
A student prepares to transfer to block​
Detail from "Nightlife with Writing" by former student Michael Benton​
Visual Culture II
Sculpture at Albrecht Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY, 2012 -- "Karma" by Do-Ho Suh​
A student carving a woodcut​
Arts & Culture Film Series
Bringing thought-provoking films and conversation to the Muskoka campus and the community. Click here for the Arts and Culture Film Series schedule.

As of September 2014, Nipissing no longer offers Arts & Culture as a major. Current Nipissing students in this program will be able to complete their degree.

Nipissing’s Arts & Culture program proudly participates in the long tradition of arts in the Muskoka region, recently declared a Designated Arts Community. This program, including Major, Specialization and Honours Specialization options, concentrates upon the interrelations of culture and arts, especially the visual arts. Arts & Culture employs an interdisciplinary approach that encourages students to broaden and deepen their understanding of the historical, ideological, and theoretical conditions in which artistic expression, cultural values and practices take shape.

Arts & Culture will appeal to students who like to think, to ask questions, to challenge assumptions about the world they live in, about the information and knowledge they receive and how they receive it. It would be an asset to students interested in developing their critical thinking abilities, their capacity to express themselves, cogently and artistically. The program will also help students expand their understanding of various forms of cultural, artistic and visual expression.

The Arts & Cultural Management major is an exciting new feature of this new program. Arts and Cultural Management allows students to gain the specific administrative skills necessary to work in the management side of creative, cultural, or heritage enterprises. This major offers training in School of Business courses (for example, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Accounting, etc.) as well as internships, providing students the opportunity to ground their academic knowledge in the cultural marketplace through hands-on experience.

This four-year honours degree program with a range of specializations offers students flexibility within their studies. Required courses in this program are largely drawn from the disciplines of English Studies, Gender Equality and Social Justice, History, Native Studies, Film and Fine Arts. So, for those students interested in Teacher Training in the Faculty of Education, there are opportunities to pursue teachable subjects (most notably, English, History and Visual Arts).

Arts & Culture provides the skills and knowledge base that will leave the graduate well positioned for further study in education, law, journalism, or to pursue a career in public service, foreign affairs, business, research, as well as work in emerging creative cultural industries, one of the fastest growing areas of our economy.​​​​​​​​​​

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